“I knew Naivasha vampire rapist”

Written by Willy, in response to our call for comments from Naivasha residents.

I lived in Naivasha between 1994 and ‘96, between 2001 and ‘02 and again between March & May, 2008.

In Naivasha, you can “touch loneliness, poverty” and everything in between … Add all that to the level of illiteracy (especially amongst the young!) and all you get is Foko. By the way, I know the fellow; he lived a few blocks away from our plot down there.

The best solution I think is getting more people to attend schools, colleges/universities from that area. The ignorance is just too much. There are numerous good efforts with colleges sprouting everywhere — but will the people learn? I don’t know.

For several reasons:

a) Majority of people come to Naivasha with mistaken ideas of loads of cash from the flower business. A good number of these are only armed with a KCSE certificate at best, and in their thinking, have “already finished education”.

b) Over 3/4 of these people are overworked (5am – 5pm, hardwork inside greenhouses while all manner of chemicals are being sprayed!), and paid very little (Ksh 200 at best per day). They are already too tired and exhausted to consider joining some college to improve their chances.

c) The leaders and influential people there are not educated. Take away the former MP and the current one. The rest of the “kerende” haven’t seen much of a classroom, yet call all the shots! Good example to kids/young people? You tell me!

d) As said earlier, most of the people who come to Naivasha come there from the village. They now realize that they’re in a new “city” without parents to check on their mannerisms, drug habits and careless living (read: women).

From these 4 points, does anyone need to ask why Naivasha is the “leading rapists city”?


Vampire rapist: What’s up Naivasha?

The unravelling saga of the vampire rapist has cemented Naivasha’s reputation as the sex crimes capital of Kenya.

Sociologists have a lot to say about the prevalence of rape, incest, child abuse and other related crimes in Naivasha. There has been a huge rise in population thanks to the booming flower industry around Lake Naivasha. Unfortunately, the workers work and live in very oppressive conditions. Add to the mix the effects of ethnic clashes that have sent successive waves of traumatized victims into Naivasha since 1992. What you get is a potent social mix of troubled people, poverty, rootlessness, urban crime and worse.

The Nairobi Chronicle would like to hear from the people of Naivasha their views on the area’s notoriety in sex offences. We invite Naivasha residents as well as those who have lived there in the past to give their version of life in this Rift Valley town.

The email address is: nairobichronicle@live.com

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