Maina Kageni talkshow on dangerous grounds

A radio show where men express erotic feelings for children may force the Kenyan government to crack the whip on explicit call-in sessions.

Maina Kageni. Picture by Pulse Magazine.

Maina Kageni. Picture by Pulse Magazine.

For some years, Kenya’s Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has expressed concern over the proliferation of “pornographic” talk shows aired at inappropriate time slots. In spite of this, the government is wary of being criticized for infringing on media rights.

However, a popular radio talk show may have gone beyond the bounds of entertainment. Maina Kageni’s weekday morning show on Classic 105 attracts big ratings because of its no-holds-barred content. Recently, a male caller confided on air of fantasies involving his own children. Many radio listeners were outraged that the sentiments were allowed over the airwaves.

Child sex abuse is becoming a grave problem in Kenya with parents identified as major culprits.

Kageni’s talk show targets the over 25 age group. Callers are encourage to discuss sexual problems such as cheating or impotence. Kageni and his side-kick Mwalimu King’ang’i have also brought out such weird sexual behavior as wife/husband swapping, sex in church among others.

Government reaction towards Maina Kageni and Classic 105 has remained muted so far. However, outrage among members of the public my force some sort of curbs on the content that is discussed in the media.

In 2007, there was a Kenya Communications Act that aimed at regulating the airing of appropriate, “culturally-sensitive” content but the bill was condemned by Kenya’s media industry as a threat to press freedom.