Lions facing extinction in Kenya

Just a few decades ago, nobody thought that the lion would face extinction in Kenya. Its roar, audible from miles away, struck terror into many people across rural, as well as urban Kenya. Just like the sun always rises in the east each morning, it seemed like lions would be there for eternity.


Alas, the lion is facing extinction in Kenya. From over 30,000 in the years following independence, there are today just about 2,000 lions. What happened to this fearsome creature otherwise called the King of the Jungle?

As the King lost his domains to human settlement, so did he lose his livelihood, his health and his virility. In short, lions have suffered from smaller and smaller territories, poaching and a shortage of prey. Diseases, such as the Feline Immuno Deficiency Virus – the lion’s version of HIV/Aids – have also taken their toll.

Some of the lion artwork placed around Nairobi to draw awareness to the plight of lions.

Some of the lion artwork placed around Nairobi to draw awareness to the plight of lions.

Conservationists in Kenya, including the Kenya Wildlife Service, have launched a publicity campaign to draw attention to the diminishing fortunes of lions in the country. The campaign involves placing statues of lions at strategic corners of Nairobi with plaques telling passers-by of the rather precarious future for lions.

More information can be obtained from the Wildlife Direct Baraza >>


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  1. I used to jokingly tell my mum as a kid that my kids and their kids will need visas to see lions, giraffes and so on. I’m a kid of the 70s when poaching was really bad in East Africa and made the headlines almost everyday not because of concern for the environment and wildlife, but because a high profile figure was caught trying to export animal parts out of Kenya

    This situation, sadly, is unfolding right in front of our eyes. If we lose our wildlife, we will have lost a huge part of our heritage and it will be a sad reflection of what we value as a society.

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