Astonishing incompetence in Kenyan leaders

The lack of nationalism in Kenyan politics became evident yesterday when the cabinet of 40 ministers failed to agree on how to punish the perpetrators of post election violence.

Even with the International Criminal Court breathing down their necks, selfishness and self-preservation frustrated all efforts at consensus. What a pity!

In his book, “1984,” author George Orwell wrote that there are three ways for a ruling class to lose power:

  1. Invasion by outside forces. A good example is the US invasion of Iraq that toppled Saddam Hussein and the Ba’ath Party establishment.
  2. A ruling class that becomes so oppressive that it drives the population into revolt. Case in point: oppression by the Czars of Russia contributed to the Bolshevik Revolution of October 1917. The Czar and his family were executed and their bodies dissolved in lime.
  3. A ruling class that loses the will to govern or is hopelessly incompetent, leaving the State to wither in decay.

Kenya’s leaders fall in the third category: incompetence will be their downfall. They have no sense of national self interest. They have no vision for the country. They have no idea how to conduct themselves on the leadership stage. They are totally clueless.

How else would you explain a situation where 42 grown-up men and women sit in the President’s official residence for 6 hours and still fail to achieve consensus on how to drive the country? It is a pathetic sight that Kenyans are unfortunate enough to experience. Nobody in their wildest dreams ever imagined the Kibaki presidency getting to such miserable lows. But then, hasn’t Kibaki perfected the art of demolishing any sort of noble standard? Even his own Prime Minister describes Kibaki as “primitive,” and “ad-hoc.”

Not that the Honourable Prime Minister presents a viable alternative. A misplaced sense of destiny will surely be his undoing.

The country’s leadership – in opposition, government, civil society and clergy – is confused. The country is rudderless and tottering on the brink of anarchy. There is no direction: only greed, vice and self-centeredness. The people are like lost sheep wondering in the dark crying out for salvation.

What can Kenyans do about it? Only time will tell but for sure, something is bound to happen eventually.

One Response

  1. Nairobi Chronicle,

    You’ve hit the nail on the head. Our so called Leaders are nothing but a bunch of thieves. The only thing they excel in is CORRUPTION – the cancer introduced at Independence by the late President Jomo Kenyatta. Once we stop looking at both PNU and ODM as Leaders, and recognise correctly that they are just common thugs in suits, then everything they do will start making sense.

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