Where is Yvonne Wamalwa?

Former second lady Yvonne Wamalwa’s absence from public life in Kenya has given rise to all kinds of speculation regarding her whereabouts.

Former VP Michael Wamalwa (left) with his bride, Yvonne, during their 2003 wedding.

Former VP Michael Wamalwa (left) with his bride, Yvonne, during their 2003 wedding.

Her mother-in-law’s funeral was held just a few weeks ago but little mention was made of Yvonne, leading to rumours that she may not have attended the funeral. A Kenyan website has raised an interesting angle as to the actual reasons for Yvonne’s absence. Similar claims have been made by the Weekly Citizen newspaper.

Yvonne has undergone a dramatic transformation since the death of her husband, Vice President Michael Wamalwa, in August 2003. Wamalwa died just months after their glamorous wedding which, no doubt, was the Kenyan wedding of the century. Following the tragedy, Yvonne became the centre of national sympathy and attention. In effect, she assumed an iconic status similar to the late Princess Diana.

The government quickly cleared all debts incurred by the late Vice President enabling Yvonne to begin life on a fresh slate. She was invited to so many functions that she became a celebrity. Yvonne founded a charity organization which attracted significant interest. Eventually, she landed a job in the government as a diplomat.

Today, there is widespread speculation that Yvonne is holed up in Australia working in the Kenyan Embassy. It is not clear when this appointment came into effect but Yvonne retains close ties with President Mwai Kibaki and powerful friends of the late Wamalwa.


14 Responses

  1. This is sad though.

    • As a family,we have missed you. Michael Wamalwa Jr. is now in class One, he is healthy and doing well.

  2. rest in peace micheal kijana wamalwa we all miss you….we pray that your spirit stays with us forever

  3. I miss u michael

  4. Where abts of yvonne wamalwa

  5. Funny, anyway that was expected.

  6. Micheal kijana Wamalwa your eloquence and oratory prowess cannot be matched,how i wish i could get my hands on footages of all your speeches,a brilliant brain indeed,my prayers are with the Family…

  7. It was romandic to what happened her husband jus after the wedding

  8. Pole but life has to be lived forwards


  10. Hi baibe!,infact i hope u r mine.pliz 4n me on 0726210935:-):-).wil tel u much about me.eagerly waitin 4ya response.nice.

  11. Nice Swity!

  12. we miss you Wamalwa where are you?

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