The fourth President of Kenya?

He’s young, energetic and well travelled. Few people in Kenya have heard of him, but he is already making ripples internationally. At 34, his achievements have already earned him a page in Wikipedia – the global encyclopedia.

Olekina Ledama

Olekina Ledama

As Kenyans yearn for alternative leadership to sweep out a cruel ruling establishment, this young man might just spring a surprise in the 2012 elections.

“As president of Kenya, I will work to improve the way of life for all Kenyans through education; upgrading our infrastructure to bring fresh water to lands and villages that desperately need it; a sound energy policy; an economic policy that does not seek out handouts from beyond our borders but builds a productive, innovative Kenya from within.”

These are the words of Olekina Ledama. A hundred years ago, Olekina would have trained as a warrior in his Maasai tribe, protecting his community from wild beasts and slave raiders. Today, Olekina has spent his youth acquiring modern education in Kenya and abroad, in readiness to implement his vision for Kenya.

Like other Kenyans, Olekina is disgusted by the moribund and ineffective leadership plunging the country into darkness. “The policies of divisiveness implemented by the current coalition government have put our country in an uncertain position,” says Olekina, “Our politicians have become petty, bitter and so partisan they cannot even sit down and discuss, much less resolve, the many problems that face us today.”

Olekina began public service during his college years in the United States. On May 2nd 1999 Ledama began the first of two walks, taking him from Durango, Colorado to Phoenix, Arizona. Ledama walked a distance of over 565 miles dressed in his traditional clothes to raise awareness for the need of quality education for his people, the Maasai. His goal is to create a university in Kenya that would educate both Maasai and American students about Maasai culture. Ledama’s second walk took him from Boston to Chicago a distance of 1,765 miles. In effect, Olekina is the first Maasai to walk across the United States.

“In 1995, my community of Narok came together to raise much-needed money to send me to college in America. Ever since, I have come to believe in the spirit of community development and grassroots initiatives,” writes Olekina in his website. “I have learnt that meaningful change always comes from the villages and the community spirit that thrives within them. There’s no reason why we can’t nurture that spirit throughout our entire country. When we come together as one, we can accomplish great things in life.”

Olekina returned to Kenya in January 2000 to set up the Maasai Education Discovery project in Narok. With the money raised during his walks, he was able to initiate the Girl’s Scholarship Program. He has computerized over 15 schools in Narok and Kajiado districts and in 2002, Olekina brought the internet to Narok.

From 2005 he has been running several different programs, which have promoted education in the Rift Valley, Eastern and Nairobi Province, including working to secure full scholarships for three Maasai girls to study Medicine in the United States. In 2006, Olekina established an online investment firm that enabled Kenyans living in the diaspora to invest at the Nairobi Stock Exchange.

Olekina Ledama studied Political Sciences and English Communication at the University of Massachusetts – Boston and Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado. However, what are his chances of winning the presidency considering the kind of opponents he is dealing with? The Kenyan political scene is characterized by violence, intimidation of voters and unlimited campaign spending.

There are politicians in Kenya who are willing to do whatever it takes to get into power, including the elimination of opponents. Olekina has not stated how he intends to survive the race until 2012.

The youthful aspirant does not wish to join any of the current political parties if his statements are anything to go by. “I have already begun the process of registering a new political party in Kenya, one that commits its efforts to improving our collective future,” reveals Olekina.

Come November this year, Olekina will officially announce his intentions. “On November 11, I will turn 35 years old (the required age of eligibility for the presidency of Kenya), I will end my initial discussions and share my plans for 2012 with all of you. This day will mark the beginning of a rigorous and rewarding journey in the future of Kenya.”

54 Responses

  1. Veeeery NICE.
    Oh, hurry up Nov 11, 2009!

    • Mr. Future President;
      It’s gonna be a tough campaign, given that not all Kenyans have heard about your name and success, leave alone the deep rooted corruption. But don’t back off, Barack was unheard of not until the 2006 Democrat convention in Nevada when he gave a wonderful speech.
      You Go For It; Put God First, and All Is Gonna Be Okay.

    • NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOthing to show he is serious guy,NB its not about traveling far and Wide,it not Going to America,It is NOT about the body posture,it is NOOOOOOOOOOOt really,ItsNOT how handsome you think you are.its about rolling up sleeves,its policy Yes i mean issues that touch you and me in Korogocho,Langas,turkana,Masai land,in Eastern and ,Name all the list and FINALY THE WILL OF GOD and NOOOOOOOOOOOT Men and Women.

    • go for it , we were in high school together and i know you can do it. but it will not be easy.

  2. An authentic Maasai and a committed Patriot to boot! I say go for it young man. I’m not here to wax praises on your campaign, just to offer some reality check.

    First, you’ll need a massive, massive, grassroots network across the country and lots and lots of cash if you are ever going to have any impact.

    Remember also, you are going up against players who will defend with all their might, a 40-year old corrupt system that determines governance in Kenya and wealth allocation. They might even kill you just to ensure the vampiric system continues to suck Kenyans dry.

    Don’t assume that Kenyans don’t love these corrupt bastards…they do!
    If the reception they get in the rural areas is anything to go by, rural folks don’t give a damn what shananigans their MPs are involved in once they are in Nairobi, as long handouts keep flowing back home.

    It will certainly be a herculean task convincing such ordinary voters to transcend TRIBE and for once look at their own lives critically based on real issues such as poverty, insecurity and unemployment across the country.

    Indeed Ole Kina, though shall be judged with TRIBE first, issues will be a fanciful distant second.

    Finally, am not entirely convinced the mainstream media will look at your candidature favorably. Media mandarins have great stakes in maintaining the corrupt status quo because they have benefitted immensely from the corrupt ruling elites of Kenya.

    Realistically speaking, you will not get into state house in 2012, you’ll just make a name at best. 2017 is more like the year you can expect to be elected.

    All the best lakini!

    • Go Ledama Go! they said Barack Obama would be ready in the year 2012! but look who’s talking now…don’t listen to what they say….just go with your gut feeling…

  3. Well said, DM! Couldn’t have put it better myself, especially the part about the link between the mainstream media and current rulers.

  4. They said all manner of things about Obama. Keep on moving straight ahead–but think strategically. I cant wait for Nov 09!

  5. I hope Kenya will give Ledama a chance. I was a vice-president at Fort Lewis College when Ledama enrolled. He is intelligent, brilliant, hard working, and very resourceful. He can do great things for Kenya and its people. I followed Ledama’s accomplishments while he was in the United States and he never ceased to continue to amaze me with WHAT he could do with so little in resources–he will do the same for Kenya if only given a chance. Harlan Steinle

  6. Ledama we are behind you.The old guys seem not to be ready to change the system.Hope you will deliver.It is not about being young but the princples in you.

  7. ole kikuyu. where was your ass when we needed you most.

  8. I am extremely excited at the prospect of having an educated young President in Kenya. I want to be part of this campaign. I will be going for the Kwanza seat on Olekina’s party. Please keep us informed. Thank you.
    Kagwa Makokha

    • Mr. Future President;
      It’s gonna be a tough campaign, given that not all Kenyans have heard about your name and success, leave alone the deep rooted corruption. But don’t back off, Barack was unheard of not until the 2006 Democrat convention in Nevada when he gave a wonderful speech.
      You Go For It; Put God First, and All Is Gonna Be Okay.

  9. To DM: 2017???,its either 2012 or never….we are going 2 b dead by then

  10. @Moses,

    You may be right. Because of the myopic leadership that we have today, I fear our country’s fragile peace may actually unravel before the 2012 elections.

    My take is that we should be very cautious about laying all our hopes (Obama-like) on an individual. Concerned citizens such as yourself and I should move with speed to work for the removal of the current visionless and corrupt leadership in any extra manner that we can, besides lining up to vote.

    My humble opinion is that a messianic solution may be a bit far fetched – this is not America people!

    What happens, God forbid, if such a messianic figure is eliminated by the corrupt elite that rules this country? God knows these fellows are extremely
    determined to hold on to power at all costs to avoid future punishment for their crimes against the people of Kenya.

    People such as Ledama need a CRITICAL MASS of like minded and COMMITTED Kenyans working day and night to ensure we obtain the Leadership we deserve right from the grassroots. If we are not brave enough to put our lives on the line for Kenya, we shall be caught up by the chaos the 2012 elections may precipitate.

    • No one will come from outside Kenya to change leaderhip..apart form US…we choose useless leaders then we say they are POWERFUL ..Who makes them powerful? More Kenyans …who will do any dirty work for this corrupt leaders…kill for some few bucks and make people live in fear..i hate it when i see people get so resigned to the fact that we cannot have a change of government…

  11. if what you purport to be is true then you could be just the man for an exhausted kenyan populace.just make sure you dont contaminate yourself by being too close to the current political class.may the Good Lord guide you in your endevour.Good Luck………….you will need it

  12. Damn, haha. As I read the article title and scrolled down, I expected to see a picture Jimmy Kibaki. I figured you’d have a funny op-ed piece or something. Haha, anyways, he sounds like a good guy. Too bad they always sound like good guys, eh?

    That’s politics, baby!

  13. Hello Sir,

    If Ole Kina is serious about changing this country, he needs to find out who else wants to change this country and work together. It i one thing to want kenya changed and another thing to link that change to yourself. I support your efforts though.

    Dr. Julius Mbagaya

  14. Congratulations. You are on the right track

  15. It is 2012 or never! those talking of 2017 are either out of the country or living in the ‘nairobi cocoon’. It will take a miracle but it happened in America why not in Kenya? go for it Ledama we are behind you we trully need a change!

  16. Yes we cannot afford another five years of frustration and waste. Go for it Ledama, we are solidly behind you.

  17. very nice.

    i cant wait. this is the kind of difference in leadership that we are all looking for.

    All the best to Ledama and all of us. its our best chance at good leadership.

    Though we must learn the best tricks at getting past the tribal card in Kenya. its huge

  18. i have just one thing to say.just make yourslf popular coz without the internet ad never have known you.most of the kenyans u want to vote for u dont have internet services.success in your campaigns.i want to help.when you announce your intentions,al be available to help in grassroots campaigns.

  19. Hi LEDI, go for it man. Let be a surprise like OBAMA. We need a change in Kenya. Visioned leaders like you.


  20. He is not a kikuyu, not a kelenjin, not a maasai but he is a kenyan whom i happen to know and interact with. I have no doubt in my mind if he start this compaign he will definately excel. Hope is decending to kenya with a velocity such that will be unstoppable. Today Kenyans are more enlightened than yesterday. Its time to take back our country which have been kidnapped. Kenyans are so resilient are will pullout triumphantly. I think we have learned through our own mistake that the super rich and well connected can not change kenya excluding John Njoroge Michuki.If we can get a pariament of his nature kenya would be a place to call my ideal home. I have never thought of campaigning for anybody but for Mr Olekina i promise if you come to my home town i will be there to convince my locals why they should vote for you. Does anyone feel the way i feel about current kenyan politics? A senile parliament which can not even pass a law to punish the perpetrators who burned women and children whom had seek a safe haven in a sacred place? Hello im so flabbergasted. You go for it Ledame Olekina.

  21. When I first saw the name Ledama in Facebook, I said “Ati Le…..Le……who? Wants to be President?

    Unknown. Unheard. Untested. Yet undeterred.

    You are my age-mate. And you got my vote! At last, a whiff of fresh air.

  22. Hey….
    I just happened to know Ledama Ole kina, he has done alot to the community, here he goes for the top office in kenya, he is the leader that we all nee, heh has initiateda alot of developments…..go go for it Matonoyok

  23. We need to hear on radio, see you on TV, read about you in the press, and so on. May be you could start by attending public gatherings. That should start tomorrow morning, Ledama! 2012 is too close for you to wait for another day. Am sure Kenyans are yearning for such a change. Go for it, you have what it takes.


    A word of caution though; to run a successful campaign and win the elections is like to run a business. All the factors that u consider in running a successful business should be put in place in the next elections

    Because this election is our chance to keep!!!!

    Start your marketting today.

  25. you have a well nurtured ambition,but in kenya reputation is what matters,kenyans wont care how much an idear you have amassed but they’ll care how well you’re known by big boys.let every Kamau& Wanjiku know u first,then they can your wisdom.Anyway go for it, we are watching.


    Man I heard you today over the radio (Kass fm International) morning edition and my brother….am happy that atleast we got Visionary Youth who still have Kenya at heart!!!……Yes We Can was President Barack Obama’s Campaign slogan….and I believe…..”YOU” can still ride on the same knowing that at the moment our Nation is reeling at the wake of Impunity and Confused leadership!!!…No focus, no direction ….NOTHING!!!
    Kenya can only be delivered by YOU and ME!!…the wazee can nolonger cross us the bridge instead they are drowning us!!….Roll your sleeves my brother and do it !!!
    We will fully Support YOU!!

  27. Go for it brother, yours is a refreshing leadership far from the old and tainted politicians of the old order. BUT PLEASE REMEMBER to stay away from those in the current leadership who may bring in old baggage.
    I am particularly encouraged that you will launch yourcampaigns with a NEW political party. it should be a REAL FRESH START!. In your interview today at Kass FM International, you enumerated your first priorities which is OK but the chief should be CHANGE from the old order of doing things to a new and inclusive leadership.
    You have our full support.

  28. Go all the way Olekina. We definately know that the next president wont be kikuyu, kalenjin or Luo. Maasai will score a first. The secret to winning this is getting the youth vote since we r the majority.

    Im in for you Olekina my vote and many other young kenyans like me whom i will talk to about you and spread ua Gospel. Thats is the gospel according to Olekina

  29. HAHAHAHAH…WE CANT WAIT ANYLONGER FOR THE 11th november we need to meet Olekina Ledama…we are ready to walk with you in the ver greatest journey of transforming our society and help us redefine ou pride as a nation…we are tired of these stubborn and visionless leaders!!!!!
    matonyok piii.

  30. Dear Honourable Mr President,
    i just want to let you know that we askenyans are yearning so much for that very change that will bind us as one nation but not on our tribal line. Kenya for the last four decades have been run on the basis of two tribes, we have allowed our systeme of justice to be altered by the very few politicians whoa re just but advocatintg by their intrest,

    The biggest time in our history was just unveilied by you determination and enthusiasm, you wiilingness to lead kenya from where we were left.

    The youth will be watching and following on you moves. i understand that the biggest journey is yet to be won, however we all as the maasai youth pledge our support yo yo, the very blood that is neede to wash our nation.

    Ole kina i wish you all the best as you emabark on this perfect noble and worthy cause of helping you fellow kenyans rediscover themselves. Your developments redcords will speak for yoU

    Hongera haongera!!

  31. November is drawing nigh and we’re eager to hear from you! We would like to help out in your campaign. Speak to us!

  32. Any good idea whose time has come, has come. Interesting idea this, and time will tell if indeed it is any different from the plethora of similar expressions by similarly ambitious political persons. I am not easily seduced by political platitudes, such as are inevitably contained in all campaigns for political office including ole Kina’s but will have patience to see how this one pans out.
    Good Luck, Olaiguanani.

  33. Mr Olekeina,if what i have read is anything to go by then am with you my friend.I have also haboured the almost same dream the only difference is that mine is the Cradle home of Mankind as historians are calling, Africa is depleting day by day ,foreigners are always there to pretend to save this continent but end up missusing It.Think about it and pray coz God is the only ROCk we can lean ON.November 11 is Next week


  34. am happy for you ole kina imagine this is what i have been waiting for, as a young person in central kenya me i had said i will never vote but if you stand firm i will vote for you imagine our goverment is full liers pliz go ahead and dont change your motive and attitude then put God first for if God appoints you, you will make it . As for me i want some one who can unite kenyans, and fight corruption. I will stand in the gap for you.

  35. pliz up date me on your progress

  36. Whatever happened your date with us all on 11th November? Are you then no different from those political fellas you wished to supplant, full of rhetoric and empty of matter? Eish!! Probably we are expecting too much from you, Ole Kina?

  37. unfortunate date 11th never worked i ques,may be this are some of the theories we have been hearing always

  38. Iam beginning to feel the disquiet and discontent in the kenyan people’s mind.Iam beginning to feel their impatience with your silence swell. Mr ledama pliz wake up to this reality. People need to see you in action.

  39. Let these quy stay at home,he was only joking,around otherwise if someone cannot keep a promise,what was the need of promising in the first place?

  40. Bro ledama,
    we are there to back you.
    yuo will make and that will be history kushinda ya obama

  41. i hope is the high time that kenyan people team up together and support a wothy president, is time to lay off the traditional believes and stigma that is only the old can be in the leadership NO!!

    KENYA is sinking, and vanishing fast , hunger corruption,poverty ,anlphabetism , diseases, climate disasters,and we are in a state whereby wehve no hope, we need to revive that hope in way we choose a president who is for the people, learned, charismatic , enthusiastic and who is able to cope with political, economy and cultural issues, i think come 2012 lekidima has proved himself to take charge

    is for all kenyan lets wake up and realise that we need a future for our childrens, we cannot survive with corrupted politians, old with no enthusiasm or charisma. Its time TO THINK OTHERWISE, to all educated people of kenya let us put this message we need hope!!!!!!! And a politically economically strong kenya, its our duty an resposibility to care for our nation


  42. Okay guys i support all you have said. However where is this Olekina himself?. Time is running out, when do we begin seeing him and when does he sell himself to the masses who by the way will determine his ultimate fate?. Let him start now. This is 2010 bwana, he hardly has enough time.

  43. We need a Revolution in this country

  44. Go for it Mr. Future president, you deserve it. Living outside Kenya, I believe you’ve seen and learned a lot. Working 3 jobs and going to college is not an easy task. And you probably felt like making many changes for the people of Kenya. I believe you will make the changes you stated. You got my vote. Its time for the youth. The future of Kenya is in our hands. Let the old people rest, they played their role using the old ways and now it doesn’t work anymore due to technology which most are not aware of. Yes, Ledama Olekina the 4th president of the republic of Kenya!!!!!

  45. Ledama it’s time Kenya got to know you well, Most people don’t know you and to be honest i almost forgot you. We are tired of the same old faces.. You have my vote.

  46. Thats a good idea and the greatest level of Patriotism to Kenya. If you run, then inform me so that I run under your party because I am running for a seat in the 11nth Parliament.

  47. for you can

  48. Ledama, this is your time and for sure can

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