Fidel Odinga criminal records exposed

As Prime Minister Raila Odinga defends his family from accusations of corruption, fresh evidence has emerged from the United States regarding the criminal tendencies of his first born son.

Document showing Fidel Castro Odinga was charged with drugs possession.

Document showing Fidel Castro Odinga was charged with drugs possession.

Document showing that Fidel Castro Odinga was charged and found guilty of theft.

Document showing that Fidel Castro Odinga was charged and found guilty of theft.

Truly, Kenya’s cruel and corrupt political leaders must be cursing the rise of a global information society. In the modern era, it is impossible to keep secrets. Not only is the technology to disseminate the truth freely available but there are many Kenyans who simply cannot keep quiet as they see lies being peddled left, right and centre.

And so it is that the criminal past of the first born son to Kenya’s Prime Minister is slowly coming to light. As the wise say, “what is done in the dark will one day come into the light.”

Fidel has been named by a Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture as among the people who profited from a maize shortage early this year. Records from the courts system of the State of Maryland show that Fidel Castro Odinga’s criminal conduct did not begin with the 2009 maize scandal.

In 2001, while studying in the United States, Fidel Castro Odinga was fined US$305 (Kshs24,000) by the District Court of Montgomery County for possessing marijuana (bhang). Fidel was also found guilty of possessing what is referred to as, “paraphernalia.” This is a term that refers to equipment used for preparing and consuming bhang. Fidel’s case number is 1D00109194 and his probation officer was Malcolm Mac Dermid.

Earlier, young Fidel was found guilty of theft by the same court. He was accused of stealing $300 (Kshs23,000) in criminal court case number 4D00083780. Fidel’s probation officer is listed as Ms Deborah Williams. The complainant police officer was S.D. Murphy and whose police identity number was 1579.

The record from Fidel’s theft case shows that he was released on 9th December 1999 after being “committed” the same day.

Back to the present

The parliamentary team chaired by Naivasha MP John Mututho said Mr Odinga’s family and a personal assistant should be investigated to establish their role in the importation of maize by three firms. The report, tabled in Parliament on Thursday, also recommends the sacking of the Agriculture and Special Programmes permanent secretaries and the National Cereals and Produce Board managing director.

When the maize scandal rocked the political scene earlier this year, Raila’s close political allies were afraid that the press would get hold of Fidel and force him to speak on the sensitive matter. It has now been established that Fidel was sent to South Africa as a way of hushing the matter.

Prime Minister Raila Odinga has dismissed the parliamentary report as vendetta. He said it was a smear campaign aimed at settling political scores. Through spokesman Dennis Onyango, the PM said some of the conclusions by the Departmental Committee on Agriculture “stand out in their display of ignorance” and that the report lacked integrity.

Mr Odinga said the three firms in question – Euroworld Commodities Ltd, Senwes Ltd and Afrig Trading (Pty) Ltd – existed long before he became Prime Minister or chairman of the ad hoc Cabinet sub-committee on food. The PM said the three were publicly quoted firms and it was easy to establish whether they were foreign or Kenyan owned.

Meanwhile, Raila’s wife – Fidel’s mother – has defended her family, saying she had instilled good values in all her children. “That is why none of them is involved in any kind of malpractices,” she said.

Fidel Castro Odinga (right) with fiance Veronica Wanjiru Ng’ang’a. Picture by DRUM Magazine.

Fidel Castro Odinga (right) with fiance Veronica Wanjiru Ng’ang’a. Picture by DRUM Magazine.

Fidel Castro Odinga is no stranger to controversy. In the run-up to the 2007 General Elections, Fidel got engaged to Veronica Wanjiru Ng’ang’a, a young woman from the Kikuyu tribe. At the time, Raila was running his presidential campaign by exploiting anti-Kikuyu sentiments because his opponent, President Mwai Kibaki, is from the Kikuyu tribe.

Raila has for long championed himself as an anti-corruption crusader, accusing President Mwai Kibaki’s administration of complicity in the Anglo Leasing and Grand Regency sagas. The involvement of his family in the maize scandal while millions of Kenyans face famine means that he is now in the same leagues as those he previously condemned.


82 Responses

    • Fidel Castro Odinga is an active gang member with Don Bosco Gachewa and Zahir Jhanda. These three men strike against rich banks in the USA by stealing funds from their accounts and wiring the funds fraudulently into Kenyan Banks. We are talking in teh Millions of dollars. They have ganed impunity with the Prime Ministers’ Name as Hon Raila Odinga prime Minister of Kenya.
      They steal expensive cars or pay for them with unbankable cheques or obtain cars by means of deciet.
      The Kenya Police are not able to act on tips and if they did, they will take bribes and make the complaint disappear.

      So do not be fooled by this team. FIDEL CASTRO ODINGA, ZAHEER JHANDA AND DON BOSCO GACHEWA.



      • The Devorce was due to the fact that Ms Veronica Wanjiru Ng’ang’a slept with Don Bosco.Raila’s criminal masternind.

  1. Why would he steal 23k when the dad is filthy rich… i think this is a lie.

    • Fidel Odinga, once a thief, always a thief. He hangs around similar types of people even today. They are all bad apples for us youth. No one knows the truth.

    • Women of Kenya, especially kikuyus, very timid and expecting everything is smooth sailing, now he’s dumped his wife wanjiru, still living in a dream world tina?

    • This is a true lies.Remember nxt year is election there wil b many propagandas 2destroy agwambo. (mweupe kama pamba)

    • My sentiments exactly. 23K only? ?!!! Aiiii why risk your life for such an amount? ?!!

  2. Tina people steal all the time despite being rich.Are you sayng rich people dont steal. You only need to ask our politicians they are rich and they steal

    More than 50 percent of all crimes are committed by re-offenders, and 40 percent to 60 percent of parolees return to prison. In Texas for instance 70% of the offenders become repeat offenders. According to a 1994 study by the U.S. Department of Justice, more than two-thirds of released prisoners were arrested within three years, with more than half of those returning to prison.

    So did Fidel have a hand in the maize scandal?Thats the question we all want to know.Someone somewhere once said innocent until proven guilty.But then again statistics don’t Lie. Fidel is a convicted criminal here in the United states.The man even had a probation officer.

    you can access the offiicial maryland state panel system link on my blog

  3. […] Just came across this article from another website, hmmm….!!! Fidel Odinga criminal records exposed The Nairobi Chronicle "As Prime Minister Raila Odinga defends his family from accusations of corruption, fresh […]

  4. […] Fidel Odinga criminal records exposed As Prime Minister Raila Odinga defends his family from accusations of corruption, fresh evidence has emerged from the […] […]

  5. This is a lie because they spelled Marijuana wrong in those documents (I have saved them so don’t bother editing). Fidel is from a very rish family, $300 dollars is nada. Third there is no way anybody would have gotten a hold of such confidential documents and if they did am sure the Republicans would have used it against Obama in 2008. remember when they said Obama campaigned for Raila, a communist? This would have been a juicy story for them. Furthermore Kibaki would have used this to campaign in 2007.
    If you really want to come up with credible way of tying Fidel to the maize scandal, please use Kenyan resources. Investigate him. Stop with this cheap shots.

    • Veronica “jean” wanjiru .Government records dont lie . you cant wish this one away that easily .The United States Government does not post fake documents . the more you fight this more more people will dig poor vero you married a thief lol can you say klepotomaniac

      • “The United States Government does not post fake documents”

        Emmanuel – you have a lot more faith in my country’s government than most Americans do!

        The US government lies ALL THE TIME – I would hope you know that!

        Also, to be technical, this wasn’t “the US government” posting this.

        We’re a federal republic – and minor criminal matters are handled by the state governments, with no federal input.

        In this case, it is the State of Maryland, not ‘the US government’ that posted these documents.

    • jean, if you are indeed vero as emmanuel implies below…..i would encourage you not to be ashamed of ur man. we all have skeletons in our cupboards even nganga here, its only that he has not been “striped yet”, you have nothing to be shamed of ! as for nganga and his likes ….so what if fidel smoked bang and stole whatever ? whats your point ? uhuru right now is fighting for his dignity for cheating about a 9.2 billion “computer error” that was generated 200+ times and we all know what he allegedly did while in the usa when he was a student……..if fidel was involved in the maize thing then worry not coz the truth will come out peke yake dont bother forcing, it will hit so many ppl by the way ! we are also still waiting for the oil thing too remember….nyoike and group ? look – we need to grow up and be issue oriented as the next generations potential leaders of our country, i mean look at zuma down south and all his shidas…?

    • Bang is referred to as marihuana in western and American legal parlance, Give us something better

    • Dumb ass!!!
      Actually, In the states, they spell it as Marihuana!
      That even makes it more genuine…
      Before you yap have your facts straight! Ati wrong spelling

    • Thank you!!! I don’t need to add

  6. […] Posted by Ester Just came across this article from another website, hmmm….!!! Fidel Odinga criminal records exposed The Nairobi Chronicle "As Prime Minister Raila Odinga defends his family from accusations of corruption, fresh […]

  7. Just to give you folks an American perspective on this – he got busted with a small amount of marijuana and was involved in some kind of petty misappropriation of somebody else’s property.

    These are not major crimes.

    Almost all American college students smoke marijuana – and it’s not at all unusual for college students to get into disputes over personal property – including very expensive personal electronic equipment that is often valued in the hundreds or thousands of dollars.

    WHITE college students NEVER get jailed for things like that.

    But Black college students – just like other Black Americans – do.

    Since Odinga is Black, he was treated the way the court system here always treats Black people – he got a harsh sentence.

    Remember, it doesn’t matter here if a Black person is from an important family – especially if their family is important in a poor country like yours.

    Here, he’s just another Black man.

    And our police and courts have a long tradition of persecuting Black men.

  8. Very minor charges and crimes committed by Fidel when he was a college student. I bet you probably also did your bit when in college so your long commentary is just that and i wouldn’t be surprised umetoka central kama mimi. U forgot obama even used hard drugs in his college days
    Just to inform you the info on Fidel also on uhuru kenyatta sexual behaviour whilst in US has been flying around for a long time so nothing new bro.
    I am however not condoning the behaviour by these guys.

  9. John Maina theft is not a minor crime where does one draw the line btwween i can get away with 30,000 and 3 billion. Yes Obama did some drugs and i dont think the issue with fidel here is about drugs.

    But the last time i check Obama was not being named in maize scandals.Dont even try that here with us we are not children. clearly a pattern of habitual theft is being established here

    Obama has not been named in any maize scandal so dont drag his name here

  10. A thief is a thief impunity is destroying Kenya People like Fidel should be put behind bars in kamiti for exposing Kenyans to hunger.Raila should let his son carry his cross if is serious about fighting corruption.

  11. i agree with the fact that black americans and black in all…dont stand a chance with the US justice system…
    which is ok…they can do what they wanna…but bringing in Fidel’s ‘criminal’ records as you call it to this very precarious political situation in kenya does not justify him being a maize thief…

    just so you know..people all the time steal all those things fFidel is quoted to have stolen but it does not add up to him being a thief…
    he did all that as a college student,not as an adult…
    believe me some of us can go down to have done much more than Fidel did in college…
    cut the guy some slack…

    • Why are you belabouring the point about Fidels conviction in the States? Pliz give us some concreate evidence or else just shut up. Apart from the documents that you have published, have bothered to hear his side of the story? Just give us the evidence and do not behave like a politician who is out to settle a score.

  12. Liz the danger of impunity is that it always grows. By being convicted of theft i think we can all agree Fidel is a thief. On the maize the jury is out and we have to assume he is innocent till proven guilty. But you can not dismiss his criminal past. Impunity is dangerous because when it goes unchecked it leads to bigger crimes.

    One day you are drunk driving,you crash and the police do nothing.The next thing you steal maize the police do nothing.The next you will order people killed and nothing .It never stops

    why do we act like we are stupid.Does anyone remember sadaam ‘s sons.

    The man is a convicted thief and now he is accused of theft . we dont owe him any slack His father needs to come clean and allow parliament to clear him or convict him.People cant be dying so that we can glorify lazy thieves by they kibakis kenyattas or railas

  13. […] Posted by Ester Just came across this article from another website, hmmm….!!! Fidel Odinga criminal records exposed The Nairobi Chronicle "As Prime Minister Raila Odinga defends his family from accusations of corruption, fresh […]

  14. so what?

    Obama, Clintons, etc have confessed of being involved in drugs at some stage of their early lives…and not forgeting Uhuru’s past (marijuana, Gay, alchoholism, etc in the US and in Kenya)…We should be discussing him more than Fidel afterall he is holding a public office. (oh! we shouldnt, coz he is a kikuyu and currently we are interested in tainting RAILA’s reputation)

  15. Its not a tribal issue. If you look at previous articles in this website, you will realize that all of our writers are of the opinion that the entire Kenyan ruling class is rotten beyond hope. Therefore, it is unfortunate that Sam can say that the reason Uhuru has not been exposed is because of his tribe.

    Just this week, we have an article titled, “Budget mess ruins Uhuru presidential bid,” which talks about Uhuru’s alcohol problems. We have heard the rumours about Uhuru’s past lives but have not seen concrete evidence. In the case of Fidel Odinga, we were able to obtain the relevant court records, as you can see above. Here’s a link to the story:

    We do not write stories merely to scandalize tribes. If an individual has committed a crime, let he/she bear the consequences, including loss of reputation. Just to prove that we don’t publish stories based on rumours, there are many tips we get everyday but we still must base our articles on solid evidence.

    • hey you. could you write about your hostile kids or family before tearing other peoples families? i think some people deserve mumps so they can shut up if they have nothing better to say. you will never prosper until you learn to see people better than you.

    • And you expect us to believe these things that could be generated using acompouter? N’way

  16. […] He will spend much of the next three weeks in closed doors with a law firm for this purpose. Fidel Odinga criminal records exposed The Nairobi Chronicle […]

  17. Well Well Well!! these guys just got married… So my question is why is she cheating on him already???

  18. you know what people. just leave the son alone. he never chose to get born in a rich family and he is blessed. if so is true, which i doubt, he learned his lessons and i quess he is better than then. how about an idiot who is out to which hunt peoples character? you need a life. get yourself together and counsel your own kids before you attack other peoples’ kids. who knows your kid might end up being a serial rapist. be careful and note that these kids belong to God their parents are just nanny’s. can we talk of grown people stealing corn while the poor are dying of huger? think and act mature or else God might turn your dentures upside down and chew your head off.

  19. I dont trust the authentisity of Fidel’s criminal records , could the person who posted them state his/her source and let the readers to seek the truth.

  20. crap give us some info nt baseless romours

    The three suspects are also colluding with a David Dudi Akech to riase millions for their share of loots. Beware, be warned. You could be next.

  22. Fidel Odinga is now looking for Zaheer Jhanda who has run away with Fidel’s money!
    Surely, there is no honour among thieves, is there?

    Zaheer Jhanda was assaulted physically with a heavy fist to his face, tearing a lip and bleeding whilst in Police custody! Police and other officers standby and watch this assault. Ask Zaheer who hit him? I have a video of this action. Mars Reporter.

    • Hi Patricia, good job on the reporting. Are you a reporter? Who hit Zaheer??? Wawaaaa must be a big person, since the police were just standing by. Is it possible to obtain the video at all???

  24. The story on Fidel,Bosco n. Zahir is rather suspect sounds like trash reporting for the sake of selling news more like gutter press I see a lawsuite in the offing against this ste dedicated to character assasination with no facts.

  25. Hey its amazing that Patricia seems to have so much rubbish on her mind if thats her real name , why the trash reporting as if you have nothing better to say, no facts only imagination and phobia. If you have the tape why not put it on Y tube, you must be a liar you seem bitter, throwing names all over the place arent you guys ashamed dont you have a conscience or is this some plot to hit back the only way you know how. Your reporting is not comendable its suspicious.

  26. […] possession of marijuana in the US really giving Kenya a bad name. Kweli mtoto wa nyoka ni nyoka. Fidel Odinga criminal records exposed this is junk news. did you just see it yesterday. talk about yappy baby who felt that he is […]

  27. […] possession of marijuana in the US really giving Kenya a bad name. Kweli mtoto wa nyoka ni nyoka. Fidel Odinga criminal records exposed wazi wai, i had to copy and paste this, good work baharia __________________ THE KENYA […]


    Prime Minister Raila Odingas son Fidel ODINGA, and his close associates Don Bosko
    Gichana and Zaheer Jhanda have teamed up with Mungiki leader Maina Njenga.
    These three young men are so insecure after stealing Millions of Dollars from rich
    banks from U.S.A. and have decided to take a low profile in Kenya.
    There has been a cold war among the three men who are all fighting for power.
    They are all armed fullest walking with extra bodyguards.It is believed they are the ones
    financing the Sect leader to drum up support for the draft constitution.
    The Kenya Government is not committed to fighting corruption simply because
    Railas son is involved?No way.we as ordinary Citizens are calling on the international
    community to put pressure on President Mwai Kibaki to order investigations on this three
    men to be arrested and prosecuted…

    • This is happening in Kenya…all the million scams?

    • Zaheer Jhanda is the supporting actor in all these callous acts. He is now hiding behind the shadows of Ruto and Uhuru every weekend on their rallies. You can see him running like a donkey behind these idols and he spends 200k every time he goes to support them.

      This is the style of Kenyans to be corrupt and steal in plenty from the leaders and the leaders remain calm?

  29. Patricia seems to have the facts right…………som many scandals are happening and sooner rather than later we gonna add one plus one…………… It doesnt matter if they got caught or didnt…it just shows where their masculinity power is sourced from

  30. Does it really matter whether Mr. Fidel Odinga has a past, call it “criminal record” if you will? Whatever it is that happened in his past life while living in the land of the free and the brave, is now being used by some in fear and warped anticipation that Mr. Fidel Odinga may one day decide to pursue national politics.

    However much we may want to look at it or even use the issue for our own devious political reasons, I have become an ardent believer that it is time the criminal justice began recording all criminal cases from the 1970s to date (Post Referendum), so that Kenyan public may be aware of any police arrests (USA style) , charge(s) and dispositions of all cases therein.

    So many of us in Kenya have gotten away with murder since our highschool days, village mayhem-days and goonish behaviours in public. Yet we can stand in public and claim that we have no criminal history.

    Of course, there is no record of any criminal history because you were either never caught, arrested, charged and prosecuted for the crime(s). Or if you were arrested, someone helped you bribe you way out of going to court.

    Or as it always happens on 99.9% in most cases, you criminal file, hence “criminal record” disappeared mysteriously, courtesy of the the “file keepers” or “file handlers”.

    I magine for second, if all cases/ incidences where Kenyan males who have ever raped or forced themselves on women and minors were ever brought to light.

    Or cases of anybody who has smoked “bhangi” or used illegal drugs or domestic abusers, thieves like us (yet to be caught), and let’s not forget the drunks in our midst How many of them would pointing their hypocritical figures at Fidel Castro Odinga.

    The suggested scenario is not in defense of what Fidel Odinga did during his students days in the USA, but real cry for proper record keeping withing our judicial system of 2010 and beyond.

    What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. So, let’s have all the arrests, charges, dispositions of criminal and civil cases made public, if not let’s be given the opportunity to dig some more into somee people’s background as well, instead of maliciously concentrating on those of a few.

  31. LOL! What’s knew so far? The info about Fidel’s run in with law has been doing its rounds for years on various Kenyan websites.

    The Nairobi CHRONIC is only regurgitating stale info that has been known for almost a decade. Keep scouting and gazing through various Kenyan sites for old news to chronicle.

    IIMA, ‘Who really cares’ as long Fidel Odinga is not attempting to take over Cardinal John Njue’s or Archibishop Eluid Wabukala’s job?

  32. All you people are haters and have nothing better to do with your time. Its about time you all mind your own business and shut the f*&^ up if you have nothing better to say. Whatever has been said is all gossip. Leave the guy alone and start doing more useful things with your time.

    The crooked thing about gossipers is that they want to know everything about everybody so they can tell people but they dont want anybody talking about them. I won’t be surprised if there is something up all your sleeves!!!!!! I’m behind him 100% kama hamumfurahii meza wembe!!!!

  33. the bad apple of the three thieves is not Fidel its bosko,he is a mastermind,a strategist an achetect by birth,he is the one that teaches fidel and the rest the stealing ways,they also have other accomplices called bob phone 0721619496 and biggy and this is the way they defraud banks.They use their unsuspecting relatives from kisii or willing friends and househelps to open bank accounts in banks and provide false info hence depositing fake cheques which mature and are withdrawn.i am a private investigator and intend to expose them.

  34. Raila should not tell Uhuru that he smokes Bhang. Raila is mad mad! His son is the one who is a criminal. He is afraid of Ruto so much! What kind of a Leader is he? He thinks we don’t know he is so dirty!

  35. Hmmm, interesting take on Fidel. I’d heard that he’d been stealing furniture from a furniture store he worked in while in Maryland, but that’s unverified so I wont push it.
    I’m just intrigued by his father calling people all manner of names but failing to look at his own home. Fidel is an unremitting drunk and drug pusher–his father should be rehabilitating him in Asumbi (or some other appropriate place) rather than pointing fingers elsewhere.

  36. I see people frothing in the mouth discussing Fidel and his Dad. If the authorities cant get them, then who are you to rant and spit volumes of saliva trying to convince people they are rotten and smelling more than you do? assuming Fidel is a thief, so it goes his Dad should not talk about thieves?

  37. fidel is infidel..period!

  38. wow? whats the world coming to so Help Us God

  39. we are to gether guys……

  40. Definitely made my day. Thank you for the information.

  41. you guys are liars. Luos only steal if they are connected with Kikuyus like Fidel did. i doubt if he had the guts to do it alone. And about the data charge sheet in US i know of people who can create graphics in the computer to potray reality.

  42. This is my role model stop creating false accusation on hom, men I love ur range rover sport,

  43. kan i av a wad with the royal family abt a vry important issue

  44. Marijuana is now legal in US so there should be no problem for the young Odinga

  45. Well, I live in Gaithersburg in Montgomery County in Maryland. Three issues here; first, the spelling of marijuana is wrong on the so called charge sheet.

    Second, these documents neither have the official seal of the State of Maryland, nor that of the District Court of the State of Maryland which is standard for these types of documents.

    Third and most important, there is so such thing as a “District Court of Montgomery County” as the article suggests.The District Court of the State of Maryland is the highest court in the State, as is the case in the other 50 States. County circuit courts are lower courts operating within the District court system. There are 24 counties in Maryland and each has its own county circuit court, as is the case in all other States in the U.S.

    In this case therefore this case should have been heard and disposed of in the Montgomery County Circuit Court which is located in Rockville, not even in Gaithersburg as indicated in the documents.

    The District Court is also based in Rockville, which is in Montgomery County; sometimes people refer to it as the Montgomery County District Court to simply indicate the county in which this court sits.

    The author of this piece in the final analysis should have done his/her homework. This is a case of shoddy journalism.

  46. Enough with stupid n tribal remarks. If Fidel was your son or cousin of friend… would also be mourning but now that he is the son to your worst (the one you hate most) you will cook all sort of things to make him appear bad.Dude leave this dude to RIP.Your hatred won’t change anything n won’t give you even half of the money he had.

    US government is very powerful n there is no way such a thing could happen n no action taken against Fidel

  47. someone lives in maryland n doesn’t know that marijuana is also called marihuana, makes alot of sense

  48. The author’s name betrays him/her

  49. Whats the authenticity of this little piece of evidence you are purporting to have against Fidel. Why dint you bring them when he was alive. I am not saying he is innocent. But do not make news out of other peoples predicaments. Let him rest in peace. Ok now we know he was a criminal so what? He still remains to be his mothers son and a father to his son. You are just being an hater by posting such. Who is not a thief? Let him throw the first stone.

  50. Let the dead rest look for something else to talk about its no time for politics. Style up

  51. Well, this is not meant to be a defense of the person being accused of these things because I do not even know him. I am simply sticking to the facts and urging a little bit of very basic research.

    As someone noted, it does indeed seem to be the case that marijuana can be spelled as marihuana.

    I accept that…I didn’t know, however, the fact remains that anyone who takes the time to do just a little bit of research into how the U.S legal system is organized, and more importantly on how justice is administered at the federal level, state level, county and local level in the United States will find out that the contents of this article are false and the documents presented are forged. It is not difficult. Simply go to the Maryland State Government and the District Court of Maryland websites and do the research yourself.

    Let me illustrate. On top of the legal issues I pointed out earlier, there is no such thing as a zip code that ends with four zeros in the United States. U.S. zip codes have five digits to designate an area, followed by 4 digits to designate specific locations within a given area. Most people know their five digit zip code, but not the remaining four since those are rarely ever required when filling out forms for whatever reason. If required however, all one needs to do to find out the last four digits of their zip code is to either call the U.S. Postal Service and give them your state and the first five digits, or go to their website, enter your address and it will give you these digits.

    Lets pick one for instance: 368 North Summit Avenue, Apt 102, Gaithersburg MD, which is where the person being accused is said to have lived (check the documents presented).

    That address is indeed listed by the U.S. Postal Service (USPS), but it should read: 20877-3119 and NOT 20877 0000 as is presented in the documents.

    I also checked another address: 305 Dawson Avenue, Apt B, Rockville MD 20850. According to the USPS, there are three possible last four digit combinations for that zip code: 5800, 5801 or 1814, depending on the apartment number, and NOT 0000 as given in the documents.

    By all means make the search yourself on

    In this day and age where information is publically available and where one has access to the internet to do just a bit of research, there is no excuse for sloppy and misleading journalism.

    If one does not want to go through the trouble (3 minutes or less), to get this information from the USPS, or from the Court, or State Government websites, simply call them, provide them the information on these documents and find out for yourselves. Also, call the USPS, given them those zip codes and ask for the remaining four digits. It will cost you nothing.

    We ought to get into the habit of being more discerning, less gullible and more thorough.


  52. Come on! Who didn’t do marijuana in campo! The late guys dad is a billionare! 300 dollars? Why were these things not mentioned while he was alive. Let the guy be!

  53. Eiiiiiii! why so much hatred? haven`t this family done anything good that they can be remembered with even in their death bed?

  54. Every one is as good as bad. so be calm!!!!!

  55. no one has lived a perfect life, everyone had a dark past guys.

  56. so wat the guy is death wont u jus liv him to go in peace

  57. just let it go the guy is now dead.lets look at his buddys.

  58. this is a lie. The Misspelling of Marijuana is a red flag

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