Killed for plotting radical change

Murdered human rights activist, Oscar Kamau King’ara, was mobilizing Kenyans to massively vote against the country’s cruel and corrupt rulers in the 2012 General Elections.


The Liberators Movement was seen by certain powerful personalities as a threat to their political ambitions in the 2012 General Elections. These personalities were scared enough to organize the termination of Oscar before his initiative took off.

The Liberator movement has an elaborate membership plan: “We are organized into cells of 20 people from grassroots to national membership. And as a member you are required to form your cell, inform others why change is needed, share with them initiatives undertaken by Liberators family and call up for training and recruitment,” reads part of the information on the Oscar Foundation website.

In Kenya, such talk will provoke an immediate and brutal response from the ruling elite.

Oscar printed huge posters of President Mwai Kibaki, Prime Minister Raila Odinga and Environment Minister John Michuki describing them as examples of tyranny in Kenya. Raila is shown with duct tape covering his mouth, implying a policy of silence.

Oscar wrote that the “Liberator” is a movement of people whose mission is to redeem Kenya from the captivity of political leaders. It is meant to unite all Kenyans who are tired, unhappy and feel suppressed by the actions, nature and structure of the current crop of political leaders.

Here’s a sample of quotes from Liberator Movement documents:

Our vision is to create a Kenya in which all citizens belong in words and in life. A country of prosperity, justice, good governance and peace for all.

As liberators we share a lot in common; We pay heavy tax to finance the lavish life of our Members of parliament, Ministers, Prime Minister and the President of Kenya; We toil everyday but never have the good returns for our hard labour; We thirst and hunger and even die, when our leaders thrive and make profits in our suffering; We have seen the corrupt going unpunished and public properties being looted. We are assumed to be weak helpless and easy to forget. We appear to be easily divisible in tribes and region. That is what our leaders have been thinking of us all along.

But now we are rising as Liberator, to show them that we can free ourselves and that what they have known or thought us to be is not and will not be what we are or can be. We are waking up in readiness to let them know that though we may look weak and vulnerable, never in this initiative can we fail to achieve the change of our choice and expand the space and value of our democracy.

We have come to this point and we are not going to wait any more. By our numbers, we will find strength and by our united commitment we will coin victory and win against our political leaders who have turned the masses into goods of trade.

The Liberators’ guiding principles are love for the nation; sacrifice and commitment towards its reclamation; information sharing about the happenings in our country; and adoption of non-violence as a tool of struggle towards liberation of our nation. Our brief is very simple, to give you information, so that you can know your rights, know when it is being infringed upon; know whoever is responsible; and then show him or her that you will not take it any longer.

We are determined to stand up to be counted, we pledge not to let Kenya drown or go to the dogs – the dogs will simply eat it! As our leaders continue to conspire against us; forming themselves into a fellowship of thieves; thriving in impunity with less care and concern to the rest of us, let them know that we swear never to take it any more. We intend to employ all tools and tactics available within our reach to ensure that good governance in Kenya is not made a mere token or an act of goodwill by our leaders but an inherent foundation of democracy, governance and political representation furnished and powered by the will of the people.

You and I, in this country; must stand up and be the light of our villages however remote or near. We must be the hope for our oppressed generation; the inspiration for the young ones to come; the tower and the source of alternative leadership by the people and for the people. We must stand and give compass and direction when the Government and leadership cheats the masses. We are the repository of knowledge and so we must inform the moment; we are determined to send home all thieves, liars and looters who reside in the parliament; we demand our country back.

We want 2012 to be a lesson to them; to send them all packing. It is happening in the rest of the world; America, Ghana are just but a few countries which have shown in the recent past that power belongs not to the leaders but in the hands of the people. And if our leaders can not see the written signs and heed to our demand now, we promise a peaceful liberation of this country by making it ungovernable for them. We will fight them with the power of our numbers through civil disobedience, mass processions and public defiance. But key to all we are not willing to make them thrive in our silence.

We are organized into cells of 20 people from grassroots to national membership. As a member, you are required to form your cell, inform others why change is needed, share with them initiatives undertaken by the Liberators family and call up for training and recruitment.

Our ideology is patriotism and the strength of numbers backed by conviction that we hold it as a duty to defend and determine the kind of the country we wish to live in.


6 Responses

  1. It is sad but lets live the Dream…..Yes we can!! Where other Leaders of this Liberators Party to come out and accomplish the mission, even in USA Martin Luthers’ Dreams was finaly done by Obama. C’mon lets get another Real Kenyan Obama.

    • Yes,

      We are here…

      Three of us had to leave the country, but two are within and carrying on the work.

      And we must do what we must do, so that we can do what we want to do!

      Join us today…become a Liberator!

  2. sad day for kenya

  3. The Liberators!

    The Liberators Movement is a national social, economic and political movement guided and driven by the ideology of equal access to opportunity for all.

    Kenya is a country rich in cultural diversity, human resource potential and excess wealth of natural resources that, if used sustainable and equitably, can feed and sustain all Kenyans and provide surplus for international trade. However, the leadership of the country has not been driven by desire to develop Kenya and help Kenyans and hence there are great social injustices in the form of poverty, illiteracy and disease.

    The Liberators seek to transform Kenya into a society, where “justice” not only refers to the administration of laws but also to equal opportunities in economic and socio-cultural issues for all, including those with physical, mental, or social disabilities. This is the essence of social justice.

    We are guided by the principles of equality of opportunities; and constitutionalism. Our goal is to “Transform Institutions” and not “Fight Individuals”

    We realize our principles through the creation of social networks to strengthen society and bridge deepening social divisions; regulatory programmes on areas of public service provision, such as public health, education and environmental protection; and welfare programmes, such as Universal Medicare, for the marginalised.

    As Liberators, our greatest challenges are the greatest enemies of mankind: Illiteracy; Disease; and Poverty.

    Our primary goal is therefore to realize social justice through people driven poverty reduction strategies; free basic education; and universal healthcare program.

    As a political party, our governance system will enable each and every individual to live a meaningful life with the full development of personality and talents and with the guarantee of individual rights through a prescription of a socio-economic system in which property and the distribution of wealth are subject to control by the community.

    As an economic model, we shall regulate private enterprise in the “interests” of workers, consumers and “fair competition”; to advocate for fair trade over free trade; and institute a value-added and/or progressive taxation system) to fund government expenditure.

    As a social system, we shall be offer an extensive, secular and progressive social security system with the stated goal of counteracting the effects of poverty and insuring the citizens against loss of income following illness, unemployment or retirement.

    We believe protection of the environment should be a state responsibility; that there must be a dynamic balance between energy development and conservation; and that there are safe and inexpensive alternative energy sources that should be developed.

    We further believe that the sole function of government is to protect life, liberty and property; that the government is an agent of the people; and that the performance of those functions is reserved to it by the Kenya Constitution.

    We also believe that families are the fundamental building blocks of a moral society; that traditional family values are the strength of our nation; and that solidarity principles are the key to strong homes and united Kenya.

    In addition, we believe that patriotism, civic duty and good character are essential to personal liberty and responsibility in Kenya, and Liberators practice them as a lifestyle.

    Finally, we believe that we shall only realize our success indicators, which are Long life expectancies through affordable healthcare; increased knowledge through education; and improved life standards through poverty reduction efforts; through the Direct Social Justice Action initiated by the individual in pursuit of the liberation of self.

    We shall then reach the state of liberation. We shall be The Liberators.

    Join Us Today, Become a Liberator!


  4. Yes;We can…………

  5. Join me in a forum called Dictators of Reforms on Face book.It is a time to change this nation.Together we can

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