Athletes reflect on ethnic massacres

Enough time has passed that Nehemiah Kosgei can be candid about what he did a year ago, when this Rift Valley town famous for producing world-class distance runners gained a grim new notoriety as the center of a shocking explosion of ethnic violence in Kenya.

Sipping a soda on a hotel patio, the lean, 31-year-old marathoner calmly explained how he used a friend’s sedan to ferry hundreds of poison-tipped arrows to Eldoret. In nearby villages, men from his Kalenjin tribe launched the traditional weapons at rival Kikuyus to avenge a disputed presidential election.

Grisly stories seem to hang in the air above Kenya’s Rift Valley, where many of the country’s world-class runners train.

You can read more of this on the Christian Science Monitor >>

2 Responses

  1. This information is horrific.
    Under US Immigration laws, he must be barred from entering the United States.
    There are consequences for actions such as his and one of them is a prohibition from participation in society.

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