Breaking News: Nakumatt Downtown in flames

A fierce fire is currently gutting down the Nakumatt Downtown supermarket, one of Nairobi’s largest.

According to Capital FM, at least seven workers of the store in the centre of Nairobi have suffered serious burns. The inferno forced the evacuation of workers from the Alibhai Shariff Building, the Nation Centre and other surrounding buildings as it threatened to get out of control.

The blaze has destroyed the megastore, as Nairobi City Council firefighters ran out of water. Reinforcements from private fire fighting firms, and the Kenya Airforce are at the scene but also running out of water.

The cause of the fire has not been established. The store, at the junction of Kenyatta Avenue and Kimathi Street, is one of Kenya’s busiest.

Onlookers are wondering how a fire could have grown to such devastation without detection.


6 Responses

  1. Well now that the unite riot vehicle is also in the mix, does it mean that when fire fighters run out of water they are going to use tear gas?

  2. Surely nairobians are idle; half the city has been watching the fire for the past 2 hours. yani igekuwa movie could you pay to watch fire burning for 2 hours ??

  3. Well, Tony, they did use tear-gas — to chase away crowds. Someone told me they chased people away as far as Luthuli. Any word on this?

  4. You mean they value properties more than people , that why even they can’t put emergency door

  5. may the lord be amongest those who lose there family members and confort them .i olso say sorry for that . …….deno from kileleshwa

  6. Its almost 3 yrs after The NAKUMATT DOWNTOWN fire tragedy, what have Nakumatt done to enhance emergency responce in its stores?

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