Israel uses chemical weapons against Palestinians

Phosphorus is an explosive chemical weapon which, like napalm, is banned by the Geneva Convention. Phosphorous burns fiercely, and can not be extinguished by water. The burns on people are so severe that they can go all the way down to the bone. Sometimes there’s not even a skeleton left.

Chemical weapons dropped by Israeli airforce in Gaza. Picture by Indymedia

Chemical weapons dropped by Israeli airforce in Gaza. Picture by Indymedia

These weapons destroy by fire every plant, animal and human being they encounter, usually allowing stone and concrete buildings, minefields, barbed wire and fortifications to remain intact. Essentially, phosphorus weapons are used to burn away everything alive or organic, leaving only inert and dead matter in their wake.

Evidence is emerging from photos and eyewitness accounts that Israel used chemical weapons against civilians in the recent military operation in Gaza. The world is also waking up to shocking revelations of Israel’s use of vicious substances against Palestinian civilians for several years now.

The Geneva Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons prohibit the use of phosphorous against civilian populations, or against military forces co-located with civilians.

Palestinian doctors have described in detail the viciousness of chemical weapons during previous Israeli military operations:

The bodies of dead Palestinian victims which reach the Al-Shifa Hospital disintegrate and crumble into liquid. The organs of the victims are totally burnt and carry small pieces of metal which cannot even be seen under the X-ray. Also, a white powder covers the internal organs of the victim’s bodies.

The doctors said when they try to open the injuries, they do not see the splinters which had inflicted the wounds, and could not identify the damaged area even after opening the bodies. The doctors said that the injuries must be inflicted by an unknown weapon as they had not seen injuries like that before. These are serious injuries which leave the victims shredded and covered with burns. Even in cases when the doctors medicate them successfully, the victims die after a couple of days for unknown reasons.

Israel has denied using phosphorous against Palestinians. It remains to be seen what the Israeli Defence Forces will say with mounting evidence of war crimes in Gaza.


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