Leaders into death and darkness

Kenyan leaders will plunge the country into untold civil strife unless a domestic or international intervention stops this reckless, insensitive and incompetent behavior.


The people of Kenya are reeling in shock at a heartless political class that steals maize meant for 10 million hungry Kenyans. The Prime Minister’s family and other members of parliament have been implicated in the food looting spree.

Unprecedented corruption has resulted in the emptying of millions of barrels of oil from the national pipeline by characters with top-level connections. The architect, Yagnesh Devani, fled the country long before the details came to light.

The ruling elite have created for themselves a 42 member cabinet, with each minister having 3 assistants. Diplomatic positions are being dished out to childhood buddies, mistresses and political losers. Jobs in government departments are awarded to relatives whose incompetence is to blame for massive corruption, shortages and breakdown of infrastructure.

In the years before independence, the British Governor Sir Evelyn Baring said that an African-led government would, “take Kenya into death and darkness.” From the happenings of today, we can say for certain that the British were right.

Kenya is collapsing and unless the international community takes action, or unless there is a domestic uprising, Kenya will soon become a failed state. This is something that we at the Nairobi Chronicle are not afraid of saying. The situation in Kenya is extremely bad and the only reason the country is still together is because of the legendary patience of its people.

Kenyan leaders are mired in corruption up to their necks. President Kibaki and his allies have been linked to phony companies that win government tenders worth billions of dollars. The Kenyan cabinet is a collection of ethnic warlords, corporate fraudsters, con-artists and sex predators. There are rumours that some high ranking politicians are addicted to alcohol and narcotics, further explaining their warped thinking.

Tribal politics have made Kenyans to regard people from other ethnic groups as enemies. Politicians incite ethnic animosity over such issues as jobs, land and development projects. The truth is that most Kenyans live a similar lifestyle of poverty and hunger. But the politicians are hypocrites who cause ethnic bloodshed while wining and dining together.

The names behind the maize theft and oil siphoning scandals reflect the breadth and width of Kenya. Politicians from the Luo, Kalenjin, Luhya, Kikuyu, Arab and Asian communities have no problem scheming together while ordinary Kenyans hack each other to death simply for belonging to a rival tribe.

Kenyans have become so tribalized that when 1,000 Kikuyu youths are arbitrarily killed by the police, other ethnic groups dismiss it as a Kikuyu problem. When the Kenya Army killed thousands of men in Mount Elgon while raping their widows, little noise was heard from elsewhere in the country. When Muslim men are abducted from coastal villages and sent to Guantanamo Bay only to be released for lack of evidence, Kenya keeps quiet because it is a Muslim problem. The truth is that when the rights of one community are violated, the rights of everybody else are under threat.

Greed for power and wealth by Kenyan leaders will certainly destroy this country. Campaigns for the 2007 election began soon after President Mwai Kibaki was sworn into his first term of office on December 30th, 2002. Campaigns for the 2012 General Elections are already well under way. Permanent electioneering has pushed the development agenda out of sight, the needs of the people have been completely ignored.

Water, electricity and fuel shortages are the order of the day and contribute to a declining economy. Crime is on the increase as security forces concentrate their energies in protecting the ruling classes from the anger of their own people. Every cabinet minister, assistant minister and all members of parliament have a permanent police guard. Every public space in Nairobi is manned by squads of riot police in a bid to disperse public gatherings.

Since the signing of the National Peace and Reconciliation Accord that formed the Grand Coalition between Kibaki and Raila last year, the international community assumed that life in Kenya is back to normal. The United Nations, the African Union and the United States were instrumental in creating this government. However, they should know that the Grand Coalition is worsening the plight of Kenyans rather than making things better. Violence is likely to resume with worse intensity.

Kenya today is in similar circumstances as Russia in 1917, China after World War 1, Cuba in 1959 or France in 1790. The people are sick of the cruel ways of the leaders. The people yearn for somebody or something to liberate them from a lifetime of hunger, poverty and rape.

For now, a uniting figure such as Vladimir Lenin, Mao Zedong or Nelson Mandela is yet to emerge but it is just a matter of time. The impending social, economic and political tsunami that will sweep Kenya will either make it stronger or destroy it forever.

2 Responses

  1. if we don’t plan we plan to fail. It is only a matter of time . Weak Leadership had destroyed kenya

  2. How true could these words get. They should realise that soon they will burn this country by there deeds.

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