Mass sackings at Nation Media Group

Reports indicate that dozens of journalists have been fired from the Nation Media Group in a nasty New Year’s surprise.

Well-known reporters, commentators and television presenters have been swept out by Nation CEO, Linus Gitahi. The reasons given for the sacking are as varied as the number of outlets reporting the event.

A lady presenter for NTV was given matching orders for being, “too fat,” says the Weekly Citizen. Other journalists were fired for not toeing the company line as far as editorial coverage for certain political parties is concerned.

However, the Nation Media Group is not unique in corporate scandals afflicting the media. Not too long ago, there were mass sackings at Nation’s rival, the Standard Group, resulting in the strengthened influence of a particular ethnic group. People coming from tribes perceived as hostile to the Standard’s political leanings ended up on the streets.

Word around Nairobi is that the Nation Media Group is afflicted with corruption, favourism and sex scandals from top to bottom. Women are particularly hard-hit by demands for sex in exchange for lucrative careers. It is said that even married women are not spared and families have broken up as a consequence.

One of the group’s senior executives is notorious in being unable to control his insatiable appetite for subordinate staff.

To be fair though, the story is the same in other Kenyan media houses. A prominent male broadcaster has gained fame for “sampling” female journalists in media companies where he has worked.

What makes the ex-Nation employees bitter is that their retrenchment has little to do with actual performance. They say that non-performing individuals who are in good books with the management have kept their jobs.

But it is not only top executives who have been caught pants down in Kenya’s media industry. An investigative journalist with a major television station ran a series of exposes about a high-flying politician. It later emerged that the reporter wanted to bring down the politician because they were competing for the same woman.

The news about sackings at Nation has been given a blackout by the rest of Kenya’s mainstream media. Apparently, there is collusion in ensuring audiences never get to hear of the matter.

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