Raila is Evil, Says Minister

By the Nairobi Star Daily, 26 November 2008. Posted to AllAfrica.com on 25 November 2008


Transport minister Chirau Makwere has accused Prime Minister Raila Odinga of being evil and stealing the credit for his achievements, the Nairobi Star has exclusively learnt.

Their thorny relationship was exposed last week when Mwakwere appeared before the Public Investment Committee (PIC). Mwakwere was answering questions about the abrupt cancellation of the tender for a second bulk grain handler at Mombasa port.

Makwere told the PIC that Raila has claimed all the credit for everything he has done in his ministry.

Makwere accused Raila of continuing to interfere in the affairs of his ministry and plotting to block his election in December 2007 by supporting his ODM rival for the Matuga constituency, Hassan Mwanyoha, who he said was funded by Mombasa businessman Mohammed Jaffer.

“Him and the Prime Minister have been evil to me,” Mwakwere told the PIC members. “They have been so evil to me that I am the only Member of Parliament in whose constituency the Prime Minister came with the Pentagon with the sole agenda to ensure the people did not elect me.

Mwakwere also complained to the PIC how Raila had jumped on the open skies deal he had struck with the US government.

“Another time we were in America, for two years I was negotiating with them to bring their aircrafts here- direct flights to Nairobi, either from Miami, Atlanta or wherever,” Mwakwere told the committee.

He noted that the deal was tedious and took two years to negotiate.

Suddenly, Makwere told members, Raila visited the United States in May and claimed he had signed the deal for Kenya.

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One Response

  1. If there’s anyone who does not deserve to be in that so called cabinet in Hon. Makwere. He is so inefficient, ineffective, indecisive and timid for a man who is said to be so learned. Perhaps he should be lecturing at the University or some Polytechnic but certainly one thing is very clear; he does not belong where service delivery is used a barometer for competence. All this talk of Raila stealing the show is utter non-sense. You only need to look at and compare the performance of the Ministry of Transport from the time Hon. Michuki was there and when Makwere took over. Leadership is about going out of your way to use your influence and position in Government to make positive impact either in policy development, implementation of projects or service delivery. He has totally failed in all of them and only excelled in fighting his political supremacy wars at the coast at the expense of his national duties. There is totally nothing you can complement Hon. Makwere to have contributed to this country. If a whole Minister like him who has admitted to operate Matatu’s, how the hell do you expect him to streamline this industry the way Hon. Michuki did if he’s an interested party? Look at the port of Mombasa-Hon. Michuki had to go there to put order in someone else’s turf and since then things are orderly. Wake bwana Makwere and this grumbling and self pity you have is not the kind of zeal we need for nation building. I think come 2012, if those Matuga constituents elect you again I’ll personally be shocked and that is not to say you actually won the last elections! Put up or shut up.

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