Kenyan blog closed after Obama tape saga

A Kenyan blog that claimed to possess a tape of President Barack Obama’s wife disclosing his real place of birth has been shut down by an internet provider.

The man behind API

Sammy Kipterer Korir: The man behind API

The shutdown comes days after the blog’s editor, Mr Sammy Kipterer Korir, told of receiving US$500,000 (Kshs39 million) from a source he did not name. More interesting is that, just before the closure, Korir wrote about his shady past spanning the last 30 years.

African Press International (API) was closed by its host, WordPress, for violating the internet provider’s terms of use. WordPress is among the world’s biggest blogging providers alongside Blogger, LiveJournal and Spaces.

Mr Korir, who fled to Norway in the 1980s, has been writing scandalous internet stories on top Kenyan personalities including ministers and chief executives. Some of the stories turned out to be fake. Korir admitted that he invented stories in order to attract a larger audience to API.

In mid-October, with only a few weeks to the US presidential election, API wrote that Michelle Obama made a telephone call to it through a friend in Nairobi. API says it recorded the conversation.

Michelle allegedly told API of President-elect Barack Obama’s actual parentage and place of birth. At the time, Obama’s opponents were attempting to use his Kenyan ancestry to disqualify him from the presidential election. The United States Constitution specifies that a presidential candidate must be an American citizen born within the US.

Incidentally, Barack Obama’s father happened to come from Kenya just like Korir.

API reported of Michelle criticizing the website for being anti-Obama and therefore anti-black. This statement was used by Obama’s detractors to portray Michelle as anti-white in view of her earlier remarks of “whiteys.”

Opponents of Obama frantically begged API to release tapes of the telephone call. It is said that the Fox News network negotiated with Korir to obtain the audio clips but nothing came out of the talks. Many a time, Korir promised to publish the tapes on API but he kept creating one excuse after another.

As a result of the interest generated by the alleged recordings, the API website received hundreds of thousands of visitors from across the world.

On the eve of the US presidential election, Korir said he would post the tapes to influence voting but it was yet another empty promise. His audience got impatient as the Norwegian media began investigations into his sordid past.

Last week, Korir decided to write about his life explaining how he fled to Norway in 1985 due to a criminal case in Nairobi. Korir was charged with defrauding students by pretending to offer placement in foreign universities. The case against him involved Kshs30,000 (US$400) which was a lot of money in those days.

Korir was back in the news when Kenya broke diplomatic ties with Norway in 1987. Korir called a press conference in Norway to announce the decision, yet he was not a staff of Kenya’s diplomatic mission. The Kenyan government quickly issued a statement disowning Korir.

In the 1990s, Korir worked as a secret agent for the Norwegian government and also as a post office cashier.

Last week, just before API was closed, Korir says he received $500,000 from an unnamed source to expand API into its own internet domain independent of WordPress.

Certainly, the self-declaration by Korir did not do much to enhance his credibility. Instead, he lashed out against Norwegian society for demeaning Africans. He attacked Norway’s journalists for being idle and therefore desperate for news that scandalize immigrants such as himself.

It is obvious that Korir has made a lifetime career jumping from one self-created mess to another. He has somehow managed to wiggle himself out of trouble in the past. This time, however, Korir may have landed into more trouble than he imagined.

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  1. I predicted this would happen on another Kenyan forum;

  2. I have seen that man. Doesn’t he work at IKEA?

  3. “Doesn’t he work at IKEA?”

    hahhahahhahahaa.. that’s funny.

    he certainly is an ugly MF tho.

  4. which IKEA? the one IKEA i know…….
    Obama won despite …………………………………………

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