Blackwater sending ship to Somali coast

By kenyanobserver on October 23, 2008

The recent piracy off the coast of Somalia that resulted in the hijacking of a Ukrainian ship carrying heavy artillery and tanks headed for Kenya has caught the attention of Blackwater Worldwide, the controversial North Carolina based, military contractor.

According to a Forbes article, Blackwater is in the process of assembling a naval fleet. The first ship with a crew of 14, the MV MacArthur, is scheduled to head to the Gulf of Aden sometime before the end of the year. Blackwater is known to provide military support on land and air, so apparently they are now looking for ships should the demand for this service rise.

Blackwater says that they have been contracted by private shippers to provide security and passage through this part of the Indian ocean now known as the most dangerous waterway in the world.

Somali pirates have been operating with impunity off Somali’s coast and have been making with millions of dollars from ransom money. It was just a matter of time before a solution such as this came up. Judging by what we have seen in Iraq, these pirates are in for some very interesting times indeed.

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