Waki Report: Luo men forcibly circumcised

Dr Kariuki Gichuki, the current Medical Officer  of Health for Nakuru confirmed having received six cases of forced circumcision which he described as ‘traumatic circumcision.’

“… Usually circumcision, either you are in the hospital or in a traditional setting that is clean. The procedure is a boundary kind of surgical procedure but this one was a bit crude and not orderly.”

The doctor further referred to the cases as ones of ‘pilary amputation’ and explained that ‘usually, circumcision is the surgical removal of foreskin but in [a particular case] the 22 year old male had his whole penis actually cut’.

A married Luo woman with two children, originally from Huruma estate in Nairobi but displaced to an IDP camp testified in camera as follows:

“I heard many people outside saying that “even here there are some ODM people we want to circumcise”.They were many and were making a lot of noise. They pushed the door saying that ‘Kihii (Kikuyu for uncircumcised man) you are the ones troubling us! I saw my husband lying down. They opened his zip, lifted his penis and cut it with a panga. I managed to slip away and one alerted them and they said I should go away and that it is my husband they wanted to teach a lesson and circumcise.”

As a result of this attack her husband died due to the injuries sustained during this hideous incident.

In explaining the extent to which some victims suffered in the hands of such gangs, a woman, whose testimony has been referred to previously in camera said:

“I found that my brother’s penis had been cut and placed on his mouth, his testis were chopped off and placed on his hand. I found that blood was still pouring out of his body and he was kicking as he was dying. The following day, another workmate of mine informed me that my brother’s head had been chopped off and that dogs were eating his private parts. My brother was clobbered before he was mutilated. The people who did that to him were using spiked clubs. They had fixed nails on the club and as they hit his face, the nails would pluck flesh from his body”.

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