Raped as husband is killed – Waki Report

On 1 January 2008, 36 year old Elizabeth W. and her husband were attacked in their house in Eldama Ravine by a group of Kalenjin, some of whom she knew. She was gang raped while her husband was being hacked to death and her shop looted. Following is an extract of her testimony:

They cut my husband on the neck with a panga and that made him fall to the ground. After that they were cutting every part of his body. One said that if I escaped from the knife and arrows, I would die of AIDS.

On 1 January 2008 we were still fearful. We didn’t open our business. I worked at the Eldama Ravine shopping centre at Mama Faith’s Shop. We owned the shop. It was just next to my house – they are joined together. But I stayed at home that day because I was scared. We left the shop locked up.

At about 3pm that day, people came to my home. At the time there was only my husband and me at home. My children had gone to visit their grandparents in Nyandarua. There were more than ten people who came. They were all men. They were dressed in coats and they had smeared mud on their faces so you could not recognize them. The mud was different colors on their faces – white, black and red patches all over their faces. They were armed. They had arrows, pangas and rungus.

The first I knew they were there was when I heard talking and noises outside. They were speaking in Kalenjin. They said “we have come to finish you”. The door was not locked so they just came inside. My husband and I were in the sitting room. We were sitting down but stood up when the men came in. When they came in I started pleading with them because of what I had heard them saying outside. I told them why were they doing this when we had lived with them.

They ordered me to shut up and said that the Kikuyu had migrated to the area and taken up their (the Kalenjin’s) property. They said I should keep quiet or they were going to kill me. So I just kept quiet. That is when they started attacking my husband. They were cutting him with pangas and piercing him with arrows. They were struggling with my husband and trying to get him to the ground. The men were crowding on him – it might have been most of them attacking my husband. I was scared. They cut my husband on the neck with a panga and that made him fall to the ground. It was a serious blow. After that they were cutting every part of his body..

After my husband was cut, but before he died, one of the men came towards me and asked me what I wanted to be done to me. I asked them not to kill me. One said we need to know what she is like, now that she never talks to us. There was another group of men who were looting my shop. I could see them from the door – it was still open. They were going past carrying property from my shop,such as sugar, cooking fat and other goods.

I was wearing trousers with buttons at the waist. The men tore at my trousers trying to get them open and the buttons came off. There were about four of them there doing this to me at that time. They lifted me up and put me on the ground. They were arguing among themselves who was going to be first. Then one said that if I escaped from the knife and arrows, I would die of AIDS.

Some of them held my legs and some held my hands while they raped me. When this was happening my husband and I were both still in the sitting room, but by now I was not watching my husband but pleading my own case. The last time I had looked, it was like he was dead. He wasn’t moving.

One man raped me and then the second one and the third. They put their penises in my vagina. It was either the second or the third man who said they were not able to get in me properly so they cut me. I think it was the panga they were carrying that they used. They cut my vagina. When I had my children, the Doctor told me I had a narrow opening. Both my children were born by caesarean. They continued raping me. It was when the fourth man was raping me that I went unconscious ?

I next remember – and it is vague – that a Kalenjin friend of ours called Joseph was there and he was pleading with the men. He was asking them for him to be allowed to take the body of my husband and take me to hospital. The men started quarrelling with him and told him that he was in partnership with us. They threatened to kill him.

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