Kenyan blog in Obama row

An internet news blog operated by a Kenyan journalist has sparked huge controversy over Senator Barack Obama’s actual place of birth.

The controversial webpage

The controversial webpage

The blog has posted a transcript of what it claims was a telephone call by Sen. Obama’s wife, Michelle, accusing the website of spreading rumours by what she called, “American bloggers and other racist media outlets in their efforts to damage a black man’s name.

The Obama campaign has dismissed the interview as fake but the website, African Press International (API) has stood by its story, promising to release an audio of the conversation.

API is based in Norway and edited by a Mr. Korir. API has denied any intentions of malice towards the Obama campaign.

The alleged transcript has attracted wide readership, especially among Obama’s opponents who see it as proof that the Democratic presidential candidate has something to hide as far as his birth origins are concerned. Anti-Obama campaigners view the alleged remarks by Michelle Obama as proof that she is biased against whites.

Our take on the interview? Its hard to tell just who is telling the truth. Click here to read the story for yourself >>

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