Motorists angered by shoddy plates

Motoring columnist, Gavin Bennet, once described Kenyan number plates as resembling, “pieces of battle field shrapnel.” Evidence collected from the streets of Nairobi shows that the analogy was quite correct.

Irregular cutting and lack of

Irregular cutting and lack of alignment.

Clearly, this number plate was cut by hand.

Clearly, this number plate was cut by hand.

Kenyan motorists have decried the poor standards of licence plates issued by the Kenya Revenue Authority. “It doesn’t make sense to spend millions of shillings on a good car and then have to fix poorly done plates that are worse than jua kali material,” goes a popular refrain. On its part, the Kenya Revenue Authority says it is working to improve the quality of number plates but puts the blame on the Prisons Department, whose inmates make the plates.


5 Responses

  1. is the bottom plate 86 or 98 out upside down? very sad tho’

  2. Its actually ’86.’ When I first saw it, I couldn’t beleive it either, that it could have been allowed to go out of whatever workshop they are using. Now you understand why motorists are angry!

  3. There was hope but the Kenya government obviously lacks the will to move with the times. Probable someone is getting a cut out of the production of these plates!

  4. It’s actually a shame and those responsible for modernization at KRA or Prisons Dept; are probably not on Performance Contracts. How would anyone condone this unless there’s vested interests. Currently there’s an international tender for supply of the number plates & related machinery but I understand there’s a lot of infighting in government corridors about the tender that it has stalled indefinitely and some tenderer’s are threatening to sue. Someone wants their favoured company to win! Talk of patriotism and yet we cannot even accomplish the most basic things! What’s so complicated about number plates unless we are not being told the truth????

  5. Can we be told exactly whta’s the intrest the The Deputy commissioner of Prisons in charge of technical services on this project?It sesms there is too much more than just a tender,plusthe the consultant who drafted the RFP and his team.Vice president should tell us soonest his ministry’s image is getting tainted because of one or two individuals and Ringera’s office you are aware of thi i believe

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