Hostage to Fate: A Story of Raila Odinga

Immensely popular to some, widely reviled by others, Raila Odinga’s every act and speech undoubtedly stirs up differing emotions across Kenya’s people. So divisive is his character that the terms, “Raila mania” and “Raila phobia” have emerged to describe the emotions associated with the man who is now Kenya’s Prime Minister.

Prime Minister Raila Odinga at a press conference after disputed election results were announced, January 2008.

Prime Minister Raila Odinga addressing a press conference following disputed elections in January 2008.

In the past year, Raila’s international profile has grown. Lots of people from across the world seek to understand who Raila is, where he comes from and what he represents. The Nairobi Chronicle has received many such requests, hence this article titled, “Hostage to Fate: A Story of Raila Odinga.”

The story is written by the Nairobi Chronicle’s Chief Editor, who has had the chance of personally meeting Raila himself at various points in Kenya’s political evolution. The Chief Editor does not claim a personal relationship with Raila for it is highly unlikely that the Prime Minister would recall the several occasions in which they have met!

Here, the Chief Editor narrates the stories of Raila when he was out there being the man that he is. Please click on the link below to download the full details.

Click to download the story in Microsoft Word Document. (214KB)


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