Maina Kageni talkshow on dangerous grounds

A radio show where men express erotic feelings for children may force the Kenyan government to crack the whip on explicit call-in sessions.

Maina Kageni. Picture by Pulse Magazine.

Maina Kageni. Picture by Pulse Magazine.

For some years, Kenya’s Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has expressed concern over the proliferation of “pornographic” talk shows aired at inappropriate time slots. In spite of this, the government is wary of being criticized for infringing on media rights.

However, a popular radio talk show may have gone beyond the bounds of entertainment. Maina Kageni’s weekday morning show on Classic 105 attracts big ratings because of its no-holds-barred content. Recently, a male caller confided on air of fantasies involving his own children. Many radio listeners were outraged that the sentiments were allowed over the airwaves.

Child sex abuse is becoming a grave problem in Kenya with parents identified as major culprits.

Kageni’s talk show targets the over 25 age group. Callers are encourage to discuss sexual problems such as cheating or impotence. Kageni and his side-kick Mwalimu King’ang’i have also brought out such weird sexual behavior as wife/husband swapping, sex in church among others.

Government reaction towards Maina Kageni and Classic 105 has remained muted so far. However, outrage among members of the public my force some sort of curbs on the content that is discussed in the media.

In 2007, there was a Kenya Communications Act that aimed at regulating the airing of appropriate, “culturally-sensitive” content but the bill was condemned by Kenya’s media industry as a threat to press freedom.


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  1. much as there should be media freedom the presenters perticularly in FM stations should really watch on what they give out to the public as some of these things ar e so much of trash!

  2. This is all bullshit by these FM stations!

  3. I wish these presenters could be using that time to talk on better things rather than talking so much trash all just on sex!

  4. hi
    i am concern with what is said on national radio.
    especially kingangi be carefull what you say. you are such a pervert. i pity your mate.

  5. Maina and King’ang’i need a hi5 clap for job well done. Wekeni wasee kwa mataa kabisa, also they do help us to know how life is there outside

  6. hey,welling guys! those talking shit about maina and king’angi are leaving in denial! this are things that happen in real life.thank you very much guys for letting it out to the public.

  7. some of the comments are outright un called for and i think that some of these should reserve/ ama what we would like to say keep them to your selves anyway the dude with his childs fantasy is sick and as such he was destined for mathare and should be admitted there by the first person who spots him. anyway the show just Rocks!!!!!!!

  8. maina could make agood and acharismatic presenter if not on emphasicing on sexual matters that portray a morally rotten society .anyway he does drive many crazy . morale.

  9. ua show guys leaves me very happy coz those r things which pple are undergoing.but i will not marry because if ua topics is what 2 go by then marrying is greating problems as u usually say moving from confused life to complicated.otherwise wish u well guys n be going to church.

  10. maina i nid ua capital talk clip with jeff koinange .tell me au will i get or send me through my mail.usipoinitumia nitawanyonga na uji asubuhi.

  11. Maina,mambo vipi pass my high five to mwalimu and you guys you are great lakini,do you act this way in you homes?Maina,am having an issue can you please call and lets chat i will pay or sambaza.

  12. hi maina . ua show rocks!!! even my grandma loves listening to you manze. its one of its kinds. keep it up en God give you strength . Thumps up form Mwalimu Kingangi too.

  13. hi5!!! you guys r doing a great job.

  14. Maina’s show is hot, can’t deny that for sure, but the truth is, these are words coming out of Kenyans mouths. It’s not Maina or King’ang’i putting words in these pples mouths. This is a reality and as harsh and hard as it may seem, it still is. Shutting pple up won’t change a thing. Let them say what is in their hearts whether you perceive it to be rotten or not. Then a solution to our societal problems can be easily found. Come on people, let this Maina boy do his thing!

  15. Maina and King’ang’i, you guys got guts; and I loooove it!!!!

  16. Hi5 Maish and Mwalimu you guys are great i really like your show. Those who are saying that they cross the cultural boundaries they are hypocrates who pretend not to know what is happening. We are in the 21st century and sex is no longer a taboo “that it cannot be discussed” By the way those who think the discussions on classic 105 are explicit is it that their radio’s doesn’t have the on and off button and just to let them know in case they are not updated we have kinda 50FM radio stations hope they know how to tune their radios let them listen to other radio stations and let Maina and Mwalimu continue educating us on what is actually happening. KUDOS MAINA AND MWALIMU GREAT JOB YOU DOING THERE KEEP UP THE SPIRIT. Let no intimadation from the 20th century generation who still live in darkness pull you down.

  17. […] June this year, the Nairobi Chronicle published an article titled, “Maina Kageni talkshow on dangerous grounds.” The article raised serious concerns about Maina Kageni’s morning talk show on Classic […]

  18. Let people not shy away from the reality. I do believe the show is nice as we know the real issues in life affecting people who could also be very close to us. Some have great effect to the kids who will be the generation of tomorrow.
    May be you can include topics on good family relationships, how to bring up children and many more.
    Information is power.

  19. Where is maina I hope he has not disappeared like mwalimu the show is not the same without the two together anyone with 411 feel me in

  20. Hi,
    Your show brings out the rottenness in our society. You simply unearth it. Society needs to judge itself and the blame goes squarely to the same society. How it reacts after getting informed is its problem.
    I want to get maina to air an issue burning me. Can he get me on 0721594381. I have unsuccessfully been trying to get through their number 0203000105. Nyamu

  21. The show brings to light what would have otherwise remained unknown to many wanainchi. True, some people might be tempted to change their ways given that ‘others are doing it’ But at the end of they day they are consenting adults-the decision rests solely on their shoulders.
    For those who find the call-in’s unpalatable: Kenya is not short of Radio stations.

  22. Hi maina and mwalimu i lav ur morning’s quite interesting and some how the way, u need to extend the show even one extra hour.keep it guys.Bonny.

  23. Hi maina and mwalimu i really like ur morning show . it’s really interesting and educating on life issues concerning the society.keep it up guys and continue like that.that’s the no 1 fm station we like in our country.jahbless.

  24. love ur show and we love u madly keep up the good work

  25. Hi classic fm?ur morning show is quite fabulous and it’s very much interesting.u need to be added some one hour extra apart from those four hourstime.keep one kutufurahisha.Bonny from nairobi.

  26. i think you guys are doing well coz that is where life is. the councelling we get before marriage sometimes cant be that open.

  27. Thumbs up Maini and mwalimu ur really doing a good job . For so long people have shied away from taking about sex in the public keep it up.

  28. Thumbs up Maina and mwalimu ur really doing a good job . For so long people have shied away from taking about sex in the public keep it up.

  29. I can only say endelea kwanza it makes us to know what we dont know kiboko yao maina and mwalimu kingangi.

  30. thankyou maina you make us hear the things that happen without our knowledge.unatufungua macho Maina.

  31. Hi Maina thanks kwa kutuchanua through classic fm we happy.

  32. Hi Maina your talk is really amazing and i personally have learnt much from it,those complainig should style up and realise dat this is reality.KEEP UP!

  33. your show was quite insightful and made me realise and understand that i would never, ever , ever get married to a Kenyan man. am now happily married to a French guy which is good coz i live in France anyway. i used to think i would come back and get married at home but i listened to your show while there, and ciku’s busted,and realized that i am totally not cut out for this kenyan ‘usual’ dramas.

  34. hi5!! mine what i can only say maina keep it up, you make me to know so many things concerning my fellow freds ,workmates,and indeed my fellow christians,of what they normary cheat the ladays/married womens using the name of jesus.

  35. maina kuthicana ti gucuku

  36. there are very many radio stations so ui really dont have to listen to maina and kingangi,but since u love them thas why u listenA problrm shared is a problem half solved.we like it all thos e juicy stuff that u and friday day out ilinimaliza juzi.keep u they are doing a job watoto na jamii yao lazima zipate chakula.

  37. hi!! guys u have done GD job 4 launching classic tv channel, but now, what i woud like to advice U guys is that, pliz try atleast 4 times in aday to air some updates both localy & inter.
    thank you submited fr thk.

  38. Big kudos dudes you start ma morning with great energy.keep it burning en if you like,Oyooo’s more fire! more fire!pliz sent me the bishop en jang’o phorn/unedited photos.cheers dudes!

  39. Hi5! Maina & Mwalimu.
    U show is fanctasic it keeps my morning with great joy and energy.More fire…. more fire…..
    Maina keep the moto burning coz the topic u air are true and they are happening in many families.cheers dudes!!!!!!

  40. Maina and king angi morning show is just the bomb.The duo makes my morning

  41. maina and kingangi u neva stop suprising me with getting to know more abt life av liked classic since 18yrs old and 4 real uv exprienced me a lot. kip it up you guyz lv u big!

  42. maina and mwalimu u really deserve great, thanks for the show cz u change pples lives in a glamorous way wel done!

  43. the show is good that keep somebody alive.yenye i have learn more in my life that i never knew in life. i love it and keep up pumping the show up.

  44. the show rocks nway plix date me. by the way ur phones are not going thro. but brenda’s big secret was that she was playing the husband with another man and it is the house boy who revealed the secret

  45. vipi maina,mazee me i need a sugar mummy.raise that topic kwa classic and those who will call wapee this email but not in public.

  46. Sasa Maish na Kengash maze u people rock i really love your show en tell Kengangi nampenda sana .Love u en keep on doing the good work. cheers

  47. Hi,todays program on fat weight, (so to be specific) and women was a very familiar scenario to me.Many men have send their women to the gym and secretly called in to say bwana…saidia huyo mama apunguze weight yake…..,they desperately get concerned about their partners weight.
    i am a fitness adviser with a bias in health and well being,please use my mail to let me assist the many women unable to lose fat weight or somehow struggling with the same.
    its quite true that diabetes is on the rise and we’re losing our young people at a very tender age to this dasease.
    weight loss is a posible thing people do not need to be shy or feel intimidated when told of their weight and health.

  48. wee maina, c lets discuss that jamaa who did wed last month n after the weddn day in coasto he was dumpd na manzi came back to tao… c lets find how many jamaa’s have xperiencd this or rather how many women have dumpd their jamaa’s immediately after their weddn day….

  49. Hi maina and Kingangi thanks very much for ua show coz it’s tha bomb. I salute u guys for the good job wacha wakelekao wakeleke coz they fear the truth hypocrates.

    maina ua boss should be a very happy man coz without u on air life is hard.

    I luv u guys and give ua life to God bana.

  50. Kudos Kageni and Mwalimu coz u are giving Kenyans what they asks for. The reality is, people try to shy away from the truth.Big up guyz

  51. Maina en kingangi ur tha bomb! Coz u lead while the other stations follow.

  52. They should focus on Nation building issues not sex

  53. Believe me that comments given out there are invalid. Those participate in that talk show don’t have the experience. They even don’t know what they talk about. Those talk shows influence innocent marriages into attempting the shit.
    Why cant we mind corruption as we mind sex. Lets work out on how we can fight corruption and make it a morning talk show on every station.

  54. Hey maina, when i listen to you and kingangi making comments hee! u make ma day. since i don have a radio in ma house i have to make sure am in a mat when the show is starting. siwezi ingia mat haina radio, ama najiambia”wacha ni ingie next.” kudos

  55. maina, buy for me a radio i get to listen to you every morning so i don have to get into a mat even wen i don have to!!!

  56. hey maina &kingangi,guys u always make my day.i always board a mathree tuned to your show but a times am interrupted whenever the driver decides to change to another channel,now ive decided to buy my own car, that way only my wife can interrupt,that one i can handle

  57. Eeeh Maina wa Wangui ha ha ha you always make my day actually sipendi mats zenye ztune other channels in the morning but sometimes i wonder whether your callers are realy kenyans. Maina was the lawyer real or you sweettalked your aunt to act thats madness in our age

  58. I like ua show guy keep it up! N kingangi bring mongeri kwa show one day

  59. Thankyou very much Maina n Kingangi you are men of integrity, you motivate me in the morning when am preparing to job.
    your work is recommendable, keep it up.
    Maina i heard that u are from kangare is it true?
    say hi to Mwalimu Kkingangi

  60. Hold back nothing and speak the truth,the time is now.If your voices are silenced because you do the things that no man could dare….for our children and society at large,be trasparent as possible,identify problem,find solution and teach knowledge……dont let them fool you,knowledge is power.

  61. im dennis from mt.view kangemi,i eally lyk ur show very much.Maina plz i need ur help.more details call 0728024054 if posible.ireally need ur help,plz!plz.i will applciate,thnx en ve gud tyms.

  62. Hi Maina,yani u changa’ad 2 bail me out ile time ya that guy of cheasea and Man-u,pesa ikaenda mitini vipi?

  63. hi maina n mwalimu kingangi i like ur show very ,about the issue of single women finding it hard to find love the women got those children througn men so i dont know y men have a problem with than issue since how meny married men r 100% sure that those kinds he calls his r really his ,its not a big deal a good father or mother is one who can give full resposibility to his kids weather his or not

  64. hi guys,i rily luv your show.keep up the good work!

  65. u guys are fantastic cant deny it,your morning talk show is fabulous hiyo ni haki yetu.

  66. hi maina and mwalimu you guyz are something else i love your show very much although am always late to class because of you guys anyway keep it up good job!

  67. Hi Maina you wat you are my favourite radio presenter with Mwalimu Kingangi and I love you so much. Maina I have a small problem that I would like you to help me with Iam looking for sponsor who would sponsor me with my activities that is football and volleyball and also drama because am good in them. Have a wonderful time.

  68. Hi Maina. i would like u to repeat on the issue about alpha man it was intresting

  69. you guys just are really open about stuff and i love that about you guys

  70. Hiiis. guys you rock ,tho there is a thing you dont know. theres this old guy who walked out of his marriage of 22 years. he is all over with 18-25 yr olds. u should hear it. the guy is a whole bank director and a disaster, a mess and all

  71. maina i can be recevieing details on show and promos on via mails.

  72. You guys are fake. How can talk about ladies and yet both of have not been able to keep on even for 1yr. You don’t know the true colors of this men & women. U are misleading faithful wives and you make us feel left behind.

  73. guys, go slow on kid stuff. a man cant just air his sexual fantasies on his own kids and you laugh out loud with him, kingangi, u got kids, at least u shd know betta!!!!

  74. maina,u and mwalimu r the kings wachana na watu.

  75. Maina Just call me one morning on 0722276262. I really love your prog.

    Thanx and God bless

  76. The show is okey, it comes at a time when all the children have gone to school incase of any sensitive issues that could be on air.when schools close the topics should not be as hardcore as they at times get. Otherwise let people demonstrate self control as a fruit of the holy spirit despite what they hear or see,come judgement day each person will be judged alone.

  77. Hie, ave been an ardent listener of your show i,e classic 105 this morning hosted by Maina and King’ang’i but of late the show starts while in the office. Please could you send me a link so as to access the shows on line everyday. Thanks.

  78. vipi maina $ mwalimu! u realy make ma morning .just call me 0726516379 .keep the fire burning 4 this reality. call a spade a spade but not a big spoon.

  79. Vipi maich n mwalimu?U guys r doing a comendable job.Well done n continue with the same spirit.A time has come when we people need to call a spade a spade not a big spoon.

  80. I love your show and those who feel that its boring tel them they are old Kuddos guys

  81. kodos maina and mwalimu, educate kenyans on those sensitive issues tho u should change the time 2 late night
    i rarely get 2 listen since i report 2 office at 7.30a.m pliz consider us. maich

  82. maze keep up. Mimi nipenda the show. It makes me myself. Why lie. It keeps my life at watch a we discuss with my family some topics which really touch on us. Sex control

  83. Aaai maina you want to tell me that if it we’re you u gonna give that woman the next chance surely???? can you be serious..

  84. today issue of that Nigerian man

  85. would like to have ur contacts for classic 105 fm

  86. Maich and kikangi ua cool but to much of anything aint cool try to invent more stuff churchill a know u can uniqueness coupled with originality is what stand out as creativity men ua gd maich as u once thought u gat the coolest job and company in the entire globe.

  87. Hi I have been an ardent listener of your show classic 105.5 every morning when I was in nairobi. Now that I’m India studying I am not able to listen to Main Kageni and King’ang’i.
    This guys really use to make my day!!!

    Please could you send me a link as to how to access the show online.

  88. maina and mwalimu from my synovate poll u rock ,i think u are supposed to be given oscar award for marketing old skool music across east africa.discussion zenu ni mambo mbaya.keep up men

  89. send me ua e-mail show adress maina pliz

  90. Hi maina n king’ang’i ua show’s a bomb! Where did u discover wakanai “yes” n waria? Make them a major feature in the show.

  91. Hi. There is this woman who called 2day n said she’s been married for 3yrs n bubby bathes their 2 kids, n them takes them to school: kwani aliolewa akiwa na watoto?

  92. Maina@nd king’ang’i kwani booster ya classic iling’olea na nani hapa narok, hata juu ya mti inakataa. Send ur technicians over here 4 help. I really miss u + wakanai n warria

  93. maina and kingangi being fomous is not all about sex round the clock whatever show u air mind about the children travelling to school using this mats its a pity when u really laugh out ur minds to sme trash not minding when and who is listening u can be great pple if u become educative rather than talk sex jan to dec and make ua friend laugh the whole day day wiill u guys control what ua children laugh at one day pliz be alittle bit mature in some of shows mind the ages that listen to this station i dont understand why u have great brains but keep basing ua arguments on sex jan to dec there are better educative topics to handle that can take u far gentlymen not trash always do some research too

  94. keep up the good work maina and kingangi! am also a presenter and critics never cease as long u go on air. those are the issues that affect the young, married and yet to marry people. Am so proud of u and ur show

  95. Well done! Maina and Kingang’i. You put a smile on my face all the way to the office! In fact my my wife has joined me.Let the hypocrites cry wolf or find their own stations.

  96. Clasic Should be closed down immediately . nonesense! you are such perverts! kwendeni huko!

    • pliz do something about ur mind bro coz its as if ur going nuts,ur the first pervert coz u listened to it and through that u knew there was such a show.I feel sorry for ur girlfriend if u have one but i dought if u do coz she chose hell over heaven

  97. Hey those who talk trash do not know wat they talking about, the topics on classic 105 breakfast show r wat makes it ashow!i never listen to anything until that time of discussion,is wen i put my earphones on.its done after where by every kid is in class! Groe up those who complain, why do u listen?its coz u enjoy. those things they discuss are soo educative, ama basi mlete topics of discussion, arrgh.

  98. I’m glad the govnt is doing something about this talk show.i call it’matatu programe’maina n mwalimu kingagi pliz style up.i only hear u when i’m in a mat n boy i can’t wait 2 reach my destination.DISGUSTING SHOW!!

    • why do u board that matatu if u r not interested with the show?? i think the answer is obvious they the nail on the head,sorry MR respected ,this is hell sheat man ur the one to style up

  99. hi guys ur such great coz u make ma day!!!!

  100. Maish en Mwalimu Kudos isipokuwa ni nyinyi wawili no one will ever listen to Classic every vehicle just listen either matt ama personal car in the mornings hours ni classic however says ur not good is a bullshit i lv you Maish en Kingash

  101. Maish en Mwalimu Kudos isipokuwa ni nyinyi wawili no one will ever listen to Classic every vehicle just listen either matt ama personal car in the mornings hours ni classic however says ur not good is a bullshit i lv you Maish en Kingash

  102. hi maina ur show ukiwa na mwalimu iko sawa baya baya first mi nkifika stage morning uwa nauliza kaa hio mat iko na classic kama aina siingiiii ……..kudos man hamnna compe………

  103. Hi maina keep it up

  104. hi Maina your show rocks coz we get to know the truth which is out there n just wntd 2 say that those who are criticising the show are the people who do those things”ukweli inauma”.gotea Mwalimu sana sana

  105. Hypocrisy.Kenyans love listening to that.If you have been keen in a matatus if the driver tries to tune to any other station,commuters demand classic 105.To me classic give us what we ask for.

  106. ok… there are many points of view here, but i have to say, if guys didn’t dig the stuff the station wouldn’t be doing so well. its pretty simple maths… utapata ni wale wasee that are being spoken about that are complaining – the rest are just into what the hell is happening in their neighborhood.

  107. Hi Maina and give my high five to Mwalimu. You guys are great, you just make make my morning to be woouh. I luv your thing, congratulation and keep it up.

  108. Kudos Maina and King`a ng`i, i love your breakfast show so much coz it makes my day. Keep it up guys. I luv classic and let criticizers go to hell!!!!!

  109. Maina & King’ang’i thumbs up. tel them the truth and lets not hide by the leaf of a grass and close 1 eye like cat does assuming no 1 is seeing it. Ukweli na usemwe. Mbona classic is off air. You have a choice 2 listen and choose what to practice in this world. I guess that’s the intelligence and that’s what makes life exciting and worth living with the diversity of thinking. Kudos classic 105.

  110. i normally ask all the fans of the show whether they would listen to the show with their children or parents. am yet to see one who said they would .

    kumaanisha hiyo show ni upus.

    if only i had the power to raid that station. ……

    • u must be a shamba guy no one is forcing u to listen to the show if u do not like to listen with ur children or parent then jisort but am also trying to think that u have this unreasonable ambition of raiding the station,maybe its part of ur talanta ,ur such a trash bro.

  111. maina and Kingangi, you guys make my day, you are handsome out and 10 times on the inside. Keep it up guys and please did you guys Manage to get Karanja, whos wife locks him up, the other one stays in Langata where ‘hawaulizanangi ulikuja lini’

  112. i have learnt alot i thought only my marriage that had issues and came to learn through your talk show that i am far much better, could be top 100 ,
    i got skills to keep my family close and iam happily married,

    guys you are my role model, hope you will be the best family man and husband, kudos maina and KINGANGI

  113. Hi maina and Mwalimu,cogratulations guy for the morning talks maze they are very nice n u tok da truth ,kwanza the one which was about Men being mamaz boys,i personally had a BF who was a kikuyu from nyeri n this guy could even leave the house without taking a shower coutesy of the mother,i would tok nothing because the mither was ever right n to make matters worse he wance told me wome are to be seen not to be heard so i was like wot n i had to leave him koz i saw it kindish commiting myself to such a man Ogera sana watu wetu we wont pple like u in our youthfull life

  114. hi maina that boy need to been taken for reab he is going with a stone age mama.let him go for age mate.

  115. Hi gigs!
    U set Kenyans on fire both men and women,which is good.Those complaining have other radio options…if they fear to think who do they want to help them think! Your show is not errottic, in fact inachanua watu wengi. Let’s go on….

  116. your efforts highly appreciated.Thank Heaven 4 u

  117. hi maina and mwalimu kingagi i like your morning show very mach.but i have a problem to share with you and i know you will assist me coz for now i have a lot off stress and a family to take care please call on 0728246840

  118. pliz maina hook meup with one of those ladies who can a man to have by their side.urgently.

  119. hi maina n king’ang’i, i salute u guyz. U realy do make my day. Guys u make us relax by getting to know that we r not alone in the battle field of life. U kow many men r living in small hells in their houses. Long live guys.

  120. hi maina n mwalimu,u guys u r the talk and the boom just like GADAFFI.u always make my mornings and u have realy changed ma fiancee alot coz ur the boom,salute keep it up

  121. hi maina n mwalimu,today u broke my ribs when mwalimu was complaining about Ur dress code and inviting you to go to the show with him,maina u are so funny ati ticket ya VIP? from were ukiingia kwa gate ni hivyo,

  122. hi maina n mwalimu,pliz maina uliza mwalimu ameleta nini kutoka show?

  123. Hi maina and Kingangi I love your morning shows very much infact they make my day. Can i have a cd with the morning KASHESHE! Thanks.


  124. Maina i posted this on your FB wall, its a serious matter going on out here and we parents are really worried coz you are a great influence on our kids, are you really Gay, please come out and explain to the public and more to you fans,

  125. i, thks maina an kingangi 4 good job ua doi.pls am desparately looki for 200k za kufanya biashara .nimetafuta kila mahali but in vain and i dont want that chance iende.pls advice me or help me.thks.rebecca

  126. I think whats discussed on the show is the harsh reality of what is happening in our society. Its been swept under the carpet for a long time and we now are shocked at what our society has degenerated to.. the show is not about Maina, its about the Kenyan society, lets deal with our morality and spirituality.. lets have a spiritual and moral revolution based on the Maina/Kingangi shows in the morning.. Keep up the work, speak it out and let it shock Kenyans into action..Better said than hidden..

  127. maina n mwalimu ur the best of presenters kep it up n dont mind them they r guilty n feel exposed

  128. Hi guys we grtful fr the morning show,they are realy nice nd educating keep it up nd gd work

  129. Maina n kingangi mko juu, show yenu inanibamba, evry mornin ni clasic

  130. @ susan if u have nothing better to say please SHUT not classify Kingangi with what you do.Kudos guys for a job well done

  131. Hi,maina i thnk dat thz article iz tha bomb coz it talks bout a situation dat many kenyans are often ashamed of talking also clearly portrays sme of tha uncouth characterz of certain human beings n tha govt.watsoever should not at any cost attempt 2 ban thz talk show coz it iz of so mch help 2many.

  132. Hi maina and mwalimu ave bn tryn kaln uo numbr wats tha problm 4244105 alwayz unavailable pliz help if u could

  133. hello maina,i’ve been calling ur no,4244105,can’t get through,what is the no b4,0–4244105””please help,,sheen o

  134. kudos maina and kingangi ur doing a great job enlightening kenyans.
    keep on keeping up guys.

  135. I think maina n kingangi should consider havn a psycologist during the show, coz what kenyans needs is a word of advice on hw to go about mariage n sex, the show is makn peopl insecure n most of this people who call, just want to let it out of their system coz thy cant find help nywhere else.

  136. hi maina and kinga’ngi i love your talk shows kudos ur doing agreat job,keep on.

  137. Not really true.

  138. Hei maina and kanga’ngi you usualy make my day.keep up.thanks.

  139. Hei maina n kenga’ngi i really like your show most my GOD bless u all thaks

  140. show yenu iko 2 juu sana Bonny from Nai

  141. ukweli , u can’t please everyone on this world so let those agaist the show jst mind their own business and leave us alone coz we enjoy listening to maina and king’ang’i alot, we are even addicted to the show program, keep it up guys, NJERI,M

  142. maina kageni,am misn ua breakfast show,av bn moved frm nairobi to webuye….but there is no clasc fm,av just closed ma radio waitn 4 105 fm….when wl u bring it to webuye reply

  143. hae maina,you really inspire me a lot .please would u kindly call me when u can i would love 2 talk 2 u .


  145. i like what u guys do,it open up our minds .keep on educating people.

  146. Vipi Maina na kingangi a.k.a crocodill., good work,WAZAIYA. GOTEA MR KING’A”NGI@Olkeri Matasia Ngong. fb yetu Mtaani. thanks maish

  147. Maina Kageni does not give a hoot about heterosexual relationships. All he cares is ratings, money and you know what else…

  148. Ok this prog.its not as bad as such the only problem is creating now mafara wanaanza kufanya what they have had,so instead ya kujichuna siko they are perishing .as for me aaa….!

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