Mungiki decry killings, rally banned

The Mungiki have decried the continued killings of their members as a Saturday prayer rally in Nairobi was banned by Kenya’s police.

The outlawed sect claims that at least a dozen of its people abducted by police in Eldoret within the past month were later found dead at the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital. In Nairobi, Mungiki has accused police of using unmarked vehicles to abduct its youth, most of whose bodies were collected from woodlands outside the capital city.

In Eldoret, which has a predominantly Kalenjin ethnic composition, the abductions and killings of Mungiki members has assumed an ethnic dimension. Mungiki draws its membership from the Kikuyu ethnic group.

The killings of Mungiki have drawn national churches into a peace initiative aimed at bringing the Mungiki  and Kenya’s government to the negotiating table. The Mungiki peace initiative is organized by leaders from the Catholic, Anglican, Presbyterian and other churches, concerned at the government’s “War on Mungiki.”

As part of the initiative, a prayer meeting was called at Uhuru Park on Saturday, 7th June. Police yesterday announced that Mungiki could not be allowed to hold a public rally in the city since it is a criminal organization.

The Kenyan Police continually deny allegations of involvement in the horrific killings of Mungiki members. The Police attribute the deaths to internecine conflict between rival factions within Mungiki. Kenya’s Police Commissioner, Major-General Mohammed Hussein Ali, recently said that his force, “does not participate in criminal activities.”

However, Major-Gen Ali has vowed to continue the “War on Mungiki” because a 2002 ban on the movement is still in force.

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