Kibaki: Worst President of Kenya

President Mwai Kibaki at State House, Nairobi.

With the country experiencing a lack of leadership in all its crucial sectors, President Mwai Kibaki earns himself the dubious title of, “Worst President of Kenya.”

Kibaki is master of perfection in the art of lowering expectations: just when you think he couldn’t possibly do any worse he surprises you by doing it! Kibaki is out of tune with his own citizens (or is it subjects), regularly making decisions that are against the interests of the people. Kibaki is one man who specializes in squandering all the goodwill that comes his way.

With consistent economic growth of 6% in the past three years, one would expect that the 2007 General Elections would be a walk-over. Not so for the 76 year old President. If anything, voters couldn’t wait to get rid of him. Not because the opposition is any better, but at this particular point in time, its a case of “better the angel you don’t know than the devil you know!” Even Kibaki supporters acknowledge that the man has serious problems. Most Kikuyu voters chose Kibaki not necessarily out of ethnicity but because the ODM demonized the Kikuyu because Kibaki happens to be a Kikuyu.

Seasoned politician, James Orengo said this of Kibaki: “It takes someone of very exceptional qualities of the negative kind to turn the NARC dream of 2003 into the nightmare we have today.”

In 2003, Kenyans were the most optimistic people in the world. World leaders were paying homage to the country’s peaceful democratic transition as a model of Third World democracy. Billions of shillings were flowing into the country, strengthening the shilling and spurring trade at the stock exchange. Construction projects that had stalled in the Moi era were revived. Places like Marakwet that were the scene of unending battles became renowned for multi-ethnic reconciliation. Tourism grew as visitors became confident of their safety in the country.

Today, ethnic tension is at its highest in Kenya’s history. Even during colonialism, Kenya did not have the kind of ethnic animosity we have today. Democracy is on its death bed. NARC is dead and buried. Yes, the largest political movement in East and Central Africa did not survive its first year. Killed by an uncaring, insensitive president. Kibaki’s NARC allies trooped off to form the ODM. If it wasn’t for Kibaki, there would be no ODM.

National institutions lie in ruins thanks to his incompetence. The Electoral Commission of Kenya cannot count votes in a respectable manner. The Kenya National Examinations Council cannot manage national examinations without causing grief to thousands of students. Roads that should have been completed months ago are still impassable. The military is unable to exert its influence beyond the barracks while the airforce’s ancient fleet will soon be grounded. The police is dysfunctional while the intelligence outfit is plainly non-functional despite billions of shillings it gets each year. The Kenya Navy relies on foreign armies to protect our sailors from Somalia pirates.

Schools in the country are bursting at the seams due to poor planning and politically inspired decisions. A primary school in Naivasha has 120 kids per class. Kibaki’s government instructed high schools to admit children free of charge without allocating any funds to the schools. Head teachers are in limbo, not knowing what to do and afraid of disobeying the state. Admissions to high school are mired in corruption yet nobody has been charged with the crimes. At the very least, charges of dereliction of duty should be raised against responsible officials. With Kibaki, this won’t happen any time soon.

Kibaki created so many districts during his political campaigns that some constituencies now have two districts. Recently, a TV news program highlighted the plight of a newly posted District Officer who has to share a floor with Administration Police officers. The creation of districts has provoked ethnic and inter-clan clashes as people find themselves divided by politically inspired borders. Actually, any politician can walk over to state house and demand a district.

The institution of the family suffered great setbacks thanks to Kibaki. A president who is unable to control his family cannot be expected to provide visionary leadership. Kibaki’s household is a representative sample of what is wrong with Kenya. A wife who thinks that she is the husband, and a mistress who thinks she is the rightful wife. Not forgetting a step-daughter who falls in love with international gangsters inspite of a posting in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. How about a nephew who becomes a portal for Libya into the Kenyan corporate sector (with due respect to the late Alex).

Kibaki presided over a rapacious cabinet that was a law unto itself. Members of Parliament increased their salaries to obscene levels. Ministers refused to work until they got monthly salaries of Kshs1 million. Ministers appointed their children, wives and girlfriends into high office. But then, they were following in the footsteps of their leader. The happily married Finance Minister made his fair-skinned mistress a Director of the Central Bank of Kenya. Court orders were ignored with impunity as peasants were evicted from forests and unemployed youths gunned down on roadsides.

Now to cap it all, Kibaki does not know how to appoint a cabinet. He cannot make a decision on who to leave out or who to appoint. What kind of president is this? What if the country was at war? Who is going to defend the people of Kenya?

With a president like Kibaki, Kenyans should start praying very hard. Remember this: just when you think he couldn’t possibly do any worse, he will do it.

5 Responses

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  2. I think former president Moi is the worst. I believe the current problems Kenya faces originated from former president ‘s Moi regime, however Current President Mwai Kibaki has also broken the heart’s of Kenyans

  3. Hey its better the two devoz we hav known than the angel we are waiting for next year.

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